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    Weight for training, pipe cleaner with weight to suspend on branches,
  2. Enr0n

    Just looking for some advice

    Sorry for the late reply, life occurred:(. Looks like you have it all under control and thanks for the shout out. :thumb:
  3. Enr0n

    UK New G

    Greetings :thumb: nice plants:yummy:
  4. Enr0n

    Bagseed Rescue

    Watered BT with fs Big Bloom today. Had to rearrange leaves, prune lower canopy fan leaves that go pushed into to soil and added some more pipe cleaners for training to include the weight. I am trying to keep the upper canopy as low as possible while the lower limbs grow to near the same...
  5. Enr0n

    Please Tell Us About Your Experiences At 420 Magazine

    My father was in the Navy also spent time all over the eastern/southern US. We moved every 4 years from 1960-1974 and was always during the summer. That wasn't so bad except we moved from one part of the country to another. Completely different culture and accents, new kid in school bullies...
  6. Enr0n

    Copperrein's Summer 2021 Outdoor Soil Grow

    Have you looked up Freakshow? They never would know it's cannabis from what I have seen.o_O For a good daytime/working strain I like my Santa Marta Gold, got it from a former sponsor.
  7. Enr0n

    Hello there! First time grower from the UK

    Greetings :thumb: medical patient in Missouri here. Glad to see ya and there are a few that will chime in soon that are on your side of the pond. What are planning to grow? Check out or sponsors for your grow needs.
  8. Enr0n

    New to 420 Mag

    :nomo: :smokin2: MG weight gnats included:laugh: What did he say, o well since I forgot might as well look at bud porn:drool:
  9. Enr0n

    Can Rabbits Eat Fan Leaves?

    Don't get the big leaves the small leaves have better taste and texture.
  10. Enr0n

    New to 420 Mag

    PVC and weed eater line for the netting? At least it looks like the square weed eater line. I like the setup :meatballs:
  11. Enr0n

    Green in Guadalajara Mexico

    Greetings :thumb:
  12. Enr0n

    6 Bagseeds: A Journey Worth Our Time?

    Correct. I have used up to 1.5 oz weights while testing.
  13. Enr0n

    New to 420 Mag

    WB :thumb:
  14. Enr0n

    6 Bagseeds: A Journey Worth Our Time?

    Lot happened where yesterday while I was fishing. :nomo: What does your light mfg say about light height and flowering footprint? It would be a shame to lose potency due to bleaching.:confused: A lot of members use the air pots I use a grow bag that is coated. Either way it's all a personal...
  15. Enr0n

    Bagseed Rescue

    Med time :smokin2: :nomo:
  16. Enr0n

    Poll: Beaker bongs vs straight bongs

    My Bong :laugh: Has a long runner and hits smooth, no residue from bowl.
  17. Enr0n

    Bagseed Rescue

    Moved all of the plants yesterday, got to thinking the plants in flower will gain height and with the new area with considerably more height why not move them all. Repotted BS2 roots. I believe that BS2 and BS2R are clones due the the development. The grow that I got these from the guy said...
  18. Enr0n

    HempFlower Moonrocks: Deals & Discounts!

  19. Enr0n

    WAP: Wet Ass Plant

    Greetings, :thumb: ladies look lovely:yummy:
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