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  1. zeroday

    Failed Drug Test, Got the Job

    Figured I would post this. This is in Massachusetts. Long story short, I was really starting to hate my job and was looking for a change. Got a really good job offer, but I needed to start in 2 weeks. I'm a relatively heavy smoker. I also have my state medical card. Anyway, I went to the...
  2. zeroday

    Methanol THC Extraction

    You are (basically) correct. Vaping anything with residual solvents is unwise. I don't care the amount. When you heat solvents, they change form chemically and can potentially cause unwanted results, regardless of the amount. That said, if you decarb the crude oil, the result after...
  3. zeroday

    Methanol THC Extraction

    It’s plant wax.
  4. zeroday

    Short path distillers

    Only complaint I have with the source is it’s size. Less than 250ml per batch is too small for some. Also, and SPD rig will get you better oil, where as the source will give you crude oil (aka RSO) at 50%, an SPD rig will get you polished oil at 85%. for what you said you wanted to do, you...
  5. zeroday

    Making RSO with Everclear and Distiller

    An SPD rig won’t help with ethanol recovery. You want the solvents gone before you put your crude oil in the rig. Otherwise, it will get pretty violent in your boiling flask, and you’ll wind up muffining the rig. Nasty mess to clean , trust me on that. The mega home gives back 80%, more if...
  6. zeroday

    Decarb Question

    Keep mind, that chart is is meant for hexane extracts, in an open heat reactor, not necessarily meant for buds. I think they used it slightly out of context. Its from the Journal of Chromatography (1990). Also, its focus is THC decarb, so there isn't mention that when you jack up the heat for...
  7. zeroday

    Cannabis Oil Infused Vodka experiment

    If you happen to have some THC oil laying around, and want to try a different kind of buzz, give this a try and let me know how it works for you. I went with 500ml of THC oil in a 750ml bottle of Grey Goose, let it sit for 3 days, shook it, and then mixed 1 measured shot (45ml) of the now...
  8. zeroday

    Feco Failure

    I think you already identified your issue (straining, aka filtration). When you soak your weed in the ethanol, it strips away the cannabinoids/terpenes/flavonoids (the desirables) but also plant fats and waxes (the undesirables). The higher the temp of the weed and the ethanol, and the...
  9. zeroday

    THC to CBN?

    You want to oxidize the delta 9-THC so it turns into cannabinol (CBN). Light, Oxygen and/or Heat will do it. Most efficient way I've seen is to decarb for 15 minutes at 150C-160C. Don't seal the product in a jar, you'll want the oxygen exchange. Also, this is how some folks mitigate any...
  10. zeroday

    Decarb Question

    Just a quick thought. The longer you leave your biomass in the solvent, the more plant fats/lipids and waxes that are washed off the plant. So, the longer you soak it, the more crap you wind up with. Using cold ethanol and soaking the biomass for a couple of minutes before straining leaves...
  11. zeroday

    Bio Ethanol

    They use lots of different denaturants, but a few examples are methanol, hexane, pentane... Not good stuff. Methanol will cause nervous system damage! In my opinion, if you have an extremely solid evaporation process that you absolutely trust, or have even had tested, you can use 100%...
  12. zeroday

    200 Proof Ethanol: Beware

    As soon as I have the time and can figure it out, I'll be making my own moonshine. Its on the list, the very very long list, of things to learn! :lot-o-toke:
  13. zeroday

    Can anyone help?

    @Weaselcracker :48: So many different variables (RO water, tap water, type of medium, Soil/Coco/Hydro, amendments, organic nutes, vegan nutes, chem nutes, grow space environmentals, etc). For the new grower, I just feel the easy answer is, follow the true and tried to get going. Once...
  14. zeroday

    200 Proof Ethanol: Beware

    Forgot to add. For those that do use any kind of 200 proof ethanol, a good experiment would be to test the alcohol percentage post extraction/evaporation. I'd bet a nickel it falls to 190. You can buy a Hydrometer pretty cheap on amazon. Note, I am not sure about Extractathol, never used it...
  15. zeroday

    Can anyone help?

    The only discrepencies I can think of are the skill of the grower, the medium and adds to it, and the skill of the grower. I'm not saying you absolutely have to PH, I'm just guessing based on my own personal experience, and the amount of new growers that show up here with PH issues. I do not...
  16. zeroday

    Can anyone help?

    I would PH it, always. I am also not an expert grower. As @Emilya has stated, some folks will say you don't need to PH adjust. I tried it over 2 grows, and had shit results without PH balancing. I'm sure that is because I am not an expert grower... So I choose to PH balance always.
  17. zeroday

    Emmie's Organic Gummy Bears In GeoFlora Nutrients: Aug 2020

    Thanks for the quick response. Figured I would give GeoFlora a try. Just popped some Chocolate Skunk and Purple Punch. Hoping for a decent harvest. I do ok with making fun stuff with the weed once its grown,, but suck at growing. I appreciate the tips in this here journal. I read through...
  18. zeroday

    Emmie's Organic Gummy Bears In GeoFlora Nutrients: Aug 2020

    Hello @Emilya, Can you tell me, did you use the Geoflora before you transplanted, or did you go with just water through Day 11? Thanks!
  19. zeroday

    200 Proof Ethanol: Beware

    200 proof is cheaper in quantity, and easier to get than food grade is, in my neck of the woods. Currently, a 5 gallon tote is $150, vs a handle of Everclear at $34.99. Sorry, I meant 190 proof. To get it higher than that you'd have to add something, or use a molecular sieve to get the...
  20. zeroday

    My theories on stuff that may get you higher

    Eat Mangos about 45 minutes prior. Something about the terpenes in the mangos theoretically intensifies the thc effect.
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