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    Many, many questions?

    This us how she looked like from top view. This was taken about a week ago before I pruned some fan leaves that where yellowing (big mistake)
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    Many, many questions?

    I don't know the humidity is but the temp is usually 88 during day and drops to around 80 to 78. I figured that would be sufficient enough for a while
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    Many, many questions?

    Fuzzy duck I have one fan at the bottom wall of the grow box a PC fan 120mm and other on the top as an exhauste Is that good enough or what els should I do and thanks recommending the gel I thought I would have to a carbon filter and slot of fans
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    Many, many questions?

    It's still in feg. The PH of the water is absolutely controlled so that factor is cancelled
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    Many, many questions?

    Yeah I've been having this problem for a week or two now it's still in veg stage. The fan leaves seam to start wilting and yellowing and eventually start dying on 4 fan leaves died
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    Many, many questions?

    Hi I'm trippytime I was wondering how my plant looks so far is it healthy does it look sick or irregular from the normal weed plant? Another question is if I start the flowering process now can there be a way to determine the yield, although I am not sure if it's a girl or boy yet my gut tells...
  8. Main branch

    Main branch

    Plant duh IDK if girl or nah I have a couple of questions
  9. Red base stem

    Red base stem

    Plant duh IDK if girl or nah I have a couple of questions
  10. 2 fan leaves dying

    2 fan leaves dying

    Plant duh IDK if girl or nah I have a couple of questions
  11. Bud sights i think

    Bud sights i think

    Plant duh IDK if girl or nah I have a couple of questions
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    Most yield out of 2 gallon pot

    the top is the plant i wanted to confirm that it was female as well. 4-5 week in feg
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    Most yield out of 2 gallon pot

    Hey in growing a plant and u wanna know how much u would get from it here's the data I have. Strain: indica Soil: fox farms ocean forest Lights: 3 23W cfl lights 5000K Veg time: 4-5 week now No training done if I should I'm open to suggrstions.
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    Hard decisions on which Grow Tent to invest in

    I didn't know you could use ebay. And im leaning towards the Mars hydro 2'3"X2'3"x 5'3" tent is that a good size for a few plants. Also I have another question what would be a good vent setup for this tent? Or any tent really just for a few plants I'm growing for personal use thanks everyone for...
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    I know it's hard to determine because IDK the strain but how much will I get from a plant that grows a decent size for 3 gal
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    Thanks man so helpful here
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    Hi triply here and I have a plant rn thats three weeks into veg and I'm thinking of transplanting it to a 3gal bucket but in scared it'll shock the plant in anyway the current pot it's growing in is 4inches in diameter and 5 inches in hight is that OK to grow a small plant or should I transplant...
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