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  1. Howell

    Howell's - Perpetual - LED - Mixed Strain - Grow

    Hi guys, I'm here with another grow. Well before we begin, please bare in mind that I'm starting this grow at almost a week into the flowering stage of two of my plants because i didn't have time to post anything. Ok then, we can now get started [emoji16] Number of plants - 3 Indica dominant...
  2. Howell

    Need Opinion - How's She Looking Guys?

    So guys I've had this Auto Critical since 25/05/16 and I'll like to know what you guys think. It's been flowering for about two weeks now, and there's no sign of trichomes on her yet.. She's under a 18/6 hours light cycle, I've been feeding her the usual stuff I fed my previous plants which is...
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