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    Need help with drying

    Currently drying greencrack and rogue thunder in a drying room/ box I built in an old gutted camper, Itsc my first time drying where I have control over humidity fans, and can add heat but no ac, so my drying area is 2 ft wide 5 ft tall and 5 ft long, I have 4 ropes runs across and an 7 inch...
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    10 gallon to 65 gallon smart pot?

    I have my crown royal fem, approx 5 ft high and very wide, fully rooted in 10 gallon plastic pot outdoors full sun from 8 am till 8pm, gets watered every two days with nutes (dutch nutrient formula 2part mix) every other water, my question is since its full rooted and I have till around sept...
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    Help me with Green Crack

    So originally started 5 greencrack fem seeds from crop king, 4 out of 5 popped and all 4 grew, these plants are in a grow box at my buddys, orginally started under cfl but do to wanting them to grow fasted switched to 150hps, my buddy went away for a couple days and left the box shut raising...
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    New Here - Need Help with Auto

    so about a month ago i started 4 nyc diesel auto fems, 2 to keep in my buddys cabinet 2 for my greenhouse, im wondering can I just transfer these plant from indoor to out? do i need to get them adjusted to the sun, cause once there at my place, i have no artificial light and they will be outside...
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