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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    thanks for all your help along the way troy, i just started a train wreck auto, will keep ya posted, thanks again buddy.
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    hello troy, well they f8ucked up my order at amazon, so i trimmed it up anyway, the branches were going to crack anyway, so heres what i got,(check pictures) i'm drying now, two days in, theres not much of a smell not sure if thats good or bad? Temp around 21 degrees, humidity 42-45%
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    ok troy sounds good, hopefully i have it monday, if not that week sometime, buds are pretty heavy there literally bending the branches over, not to where they break but there bending over good, keeping a eye on them, i have alot of pictures troy from the start when i start the dry i will put...
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    27th troy
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    yes i have one ordered, there saying the 27th arrivaal date.....
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    hello, troy, what do you think now, i'm still waiting for the loupe, its like 85 days in now from seed........would you chop them?
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    thanks troy, just ordered it, it said nov 27th i would recieve it
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    i can't for the life of me find a magnifying glass higher then 8x,,,,,,,,heres a few pictures
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    Northern Lights Auto Fem

    going to buy a loupe today, where my at now troy?, or anyone? my getting close?
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