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  1. Racefan

    Back to say hello

    Hey guys and gals. Been a while since I've been here. See a lot of great things happening here. Was watching a Pigeons420 video on harvesting to see if there was anything new he was doing that I didn't already know about and saw a 420 magazine nug storage jar in the foreground of his video. Made...
  2. Racefan

    Tested California Law

    Well for the first time in 13 years of having a recommendation I tested the California prop215 law. The night after xmas we were coming home from visiting family and friends. We were only 30 minutes from home, the wife was driving and I was snoring in the passenger seat. Our 22 year old daugher...
  3. Racefan

    1st Annual NorCal Medicine Ball Masters Cup

    Join us at The Gover Ranch. 6:00pm to 2:00am Featuring: The Fog Band, Contests, No host bar, Dinner, Vapor Bar & more! Tickets: Presale-Single $55.00 Couples- $100.00 Door- single $65.00 couples $120.00. Cup Entries Same as above. Judges packages- $350.00 per judge VIP Package-$250.00...
  4. Racefan

    Is there a thread somewhere explaining the points system?

    Sorry guys but I've been away for about a year now and these points are confusing to me. Reputation I understand.lol Can anyone point me to something I can read and understand or explain it to me? Thanks in advance to any who reply.
  5. Racefan

    Vapor Tower's New Angled Gourd

    Well I have had my vaportower for a while. No surprise I'm sure. There are several posts where I tout it's great ability to produce great clouds of vapor. But I had a old gourd. A straight nippled gourd. I recently saw that the vapor store had a new angled nipple gourd and mentioned to mack at...
  6. Racefan

    When injured, plants cry for help

    When injured, plants can cry for help via a chemical phone call to the roots. If under attack by a pathogen , such as disease-causing bacteria, a plant's leaf can send out an S.O.S. to the roots for help, and the roots will then secrete an acid that brings beneficial bacteria to the rescue...
  7. Racefan

    Pocket-Vapor Review

    This is about a new vaporizer I saw on ebay. The VP-600 made in china by pocket-vapor. I really didn't expect much. The buy it now feature was for under $40.00 with free S/H. I brought it home and filled the fuel cartridge. Clicked it and it fired up but wouldn't stay lit. A quick email to the...
  8. Racefan

    Why not to stress plants

    Here's an article I found on yahoo that correlates aspirin and stress to male flowers. I always wondered why stress was such a huge male flower inducer and now I understand perfectly why. Read this...it might help some understand why we keep urging growers to keep their enviroments as stress...
  9. Racefan

    Vapor Store And The Vapor Tower

    Hey people. You all know that I'm a small med grower who has been growing herb for over 20 years and smoking it for over 30. I'm a cheap bastard who always looks for the best deal but have been known to put customer service over price. Well I'm happy to say I found both! The vaportower made and...
  10. Racefan

    Racefans Herbalaire H2.1 Review

    Okay people. All of you know that I recently got and reviewed the vaporgenie and hugegrins vapes. Well I then got the Vapir one V5.0. It was a refurbished unit at half price.($75.00+S/H) It came with a 5 bag kit and 2 whips and several herb diskes thrown in. The first unit devloped a rattle and...
  11. Racefan


    I keep seeing this word used to describe different strains of weed yet I know little about it. In a effort to learn more I'm looking for the following answer..... What parentage makes up the modern KUSH strain? Is it a afghani x Thai? Or maybe columbian red crossed with a duckfoot? No where...
  12. Racefan

    VaporStar - 420 Product Review

    I'm very Impressed with this product. I had to sign for this and with no house delivery for mail I had to go into town to the post office. My heart sank as I saw the girl pull out a padded manilla envelope and hand it to me. My first thoughts were that either they had forgotten my glass...
  13. Racefan

    HugeGrins Vaporizer Review

    Well guys I just picked up the hugegrins vaporizer. Thought it was cheap enough to not sweat the loss of money if it doesn't work and if it did work it would have been a great deal. I can tell you this. It's a waste of money! You get nothing but butane from the lighter and in the process of...
  14. Racefan

    New video

    Not sure where to post this. It's funny as heck!!!:19: YouTube - San Diego Marijuana Fire
  15. Racefan

    12/12 from seed grows

    One has to think that while the 12/12 from seed is a good idea for those who live in a country that don't have rules on plant count, it's not the the smartest one when dealing with the draconian laws we have here in america. The more plants the bigger the chance of federal intervention with...
  16. Racefan

    Temperature control for yield

    Temperature control The easiest and most under-used way to control internodal stretch is temperature control. Plant internodal length is directly related to the difference between day and night temperatures — the warmer your day cycle is as compared to your night cycle, the greater your...
  17. Racefan

    Homemade Kiff Box

    I like to be inventive and make my own stuff. the wife says I'm just a cheap ass and will do anything to save a buck. :laugh2: Anyway...here is a picture of a kiff/stash box I built a while back. I've built at least 20 of these things and given them away to friends. This exact one was sent to...
  18. Racefan

    Homemade light

    When I first came here I made a claim to making my own air cooled reflectors. Well I want to prove that I'm not just saying things so here are a couple of pics of the last light I built. I built it in 2004 as you can tell by the item name I gave it. It's 100% sealed because I ran co2 when I...
  19. Racefan


    Flushing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 3 types of flushing. 1- Flushing for maintenance. 2- Flushing for health. 3- Flushing for Taste. 1) Flushing for maintenance This is a reguar flushing used to rid your plants and...
  20. Racefan

    Beginners Guide to Hydroponics

    Beginners guide to hydroponics Carbon Dioxide During photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide (CO2), light, and hydrogen (usually water) to produce carbohydrates, which is a source of food. Oxygen is given off in this process as a by-product. Light is a key variable in photosynthesis...
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