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    msnl GSC and Fast Budz GSC autoflower

    The autoflower is the one with pale leaves and airy buds. Its been cold up here so they didn't really fill. will prob chop in a week or two. The regular GSC picture was taken @ week 8 and I let her go until the end of week 9. Follow my grow journal if you wanna see some more flavors in the...
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    GL's 600 Watt - 3x3 - SuperLH - GSC - Pak Valley - LMNKSH - DeliCady - OG Kush - Grow

    Whats up ladies and gents, first time user part time grower here. I have been lurking and learning a lot and I thought it was finally time to show my ladies at their best:) The setup is as follows... 1.) 3x3 tent 2.) 600 Watt hps 3.) Six plants: - Green House Seeds: Super Lemon Haze...