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  1. xZenn

    What's the issue?

    Checked 3 days after bucket change and it seems burnt ? Flipped to flower about a week ago and upped the notes a little bit 5ml of micro grow and bloom 2ml of calman. She was droopy from water levels too high so fixed that but what am I adding to much of ?
  2. xZenn

    Minor LST fail will it turn into a knuckle ? Critical Purple autoflower

    It tore like a quarter down still supporting it's own weight atm the pla t ties are still on but not pulling on it
  3. xZenn

    Leaf discoloration?

    I've noticed it's on some halves of the leaves.
  4. xZenn

    Stained or root rot? DWC

    Not sure if it's my nutrients or beggining stage of root rot. These are the nutes I use
  5. xZenn

    First Grow, Yellowing Leaves, DWC

    Day 23 Heres how the critical purple is looking, not sure if the yellowing is to much or to little water not enough nutes or just water or room temps being the issue. My water levels and frozen bottles switched daily. She has a baby tiny root coming out of the net pot and fed her half the...
  6. xZenn

    What's up Dank Community! New here and just started my first journal!

    New to the community and hoping to learn as much as i can from alot of you great people! Come check out my journal and tune in throw some advice or link me your journals hoping to meet some cool members. (Link bellow)
  7. xZenn

    First Time Grower: Indoor DWC Critical Purple Autoflower Grow Journal

    First time grower here decided to do a journal just in case I had any question's or if anything went wrong, I have a fair amount of knowledge after browsing the web for quite a while and very excited for this project. Material's used: - AgroMax 2x4 tent - High-Yield Lighting Timer Outlet - 1...
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