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    Weed still potent after making tincture?

    I make tincture with various strains of autoflowers I have grown. I typically put 2 ounces of weed with a bottle (3 cups ) of at least 151 proof to 190 proof grain alcohol. I decarboxylate the weed then put it in My Magic Butter Machine for 4 hours at 160 degrees setting for tincture. I...
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    Dollar King urine test: how accurate?

    Sometimes I take some tincture on Friday and test starting Monday morning. Usually clean by Tuesday or so. Any ideas on this? In my opinion these tests should be upgraded to a real time THC in system test. Not a test that shows you had some days or months ago.
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    Medicinal Cannabis Oil With The Magical Butter Machine Instead Of Rick Simpson Oil

    Has anyone had success treating Cancer using the Magic butter Machine to make Cannabis oil similar to Rick Simpson Oil. I'm talking about the method used in the video below?
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    Caution with dogs

    Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than any other mammal and can easily overdose on THC. So a lower dose should be used. Or use a low THC strain of Cannabis.
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    Having great success treating cat for itching - Patches of fur scratched off

    This cat has been sick for years. Took him to the vet and he said he had allergies. All they could do was give him a shot of steriods costing over $100 dollars. The shots helped to some extent but are out of the question due to costs and hassle of taking the animal to the vet. So I...
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    Why I prefer COBs to Quantum Boards

    Quantum Boards are essentially the same as COB'S. Except for the fact that they are spread out over a larger area to cover a large heat sink. The result. Quantum boards are too much like an LED box unit. With Quantum boards their is more cross lighting in the center causing the dreaded "hot in...
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    How much THC in those plants? 3 lights 3 results

    Here's some real testing of 3 lights. 400 watt Spectrum King (LED), 315 watt CMH (LEC), and a 750 watt GAVITA. This guy is constantly growing plants. He seems to like Spectrum King lights because of the lower heat and terpines. He also likes the resin and efficiency of the LEC. Enjoy.
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