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    Water Water Water?

    Hello Mutt, This was also my problem during my first month of growing and one of my friends taught me how to determine the amount of water my plants needed.. So...this is what I did and you can try it too: 1. First thing in the morning, check the amount of moisture present in your soil. Put...
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    Questions Questions Question!!! Off With the Fan Leaves Will it Still Grow?

    It's good that you took the chances of cutting off the almost dead ones, it would really help your plants. Well, let's just hope for the best. I think it would be very helpful to us (new members) if you could post some photos for us to see the progress of your babies. I'll be very excited to see...
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    Help with outdoor nutrient info

    Vinegar can really help lowering soil’s ph level. However, low soil’s ph might affect the growth of plants. Too much use of vinegar hinders the ability of the plants to absorb water and nutrients. If you are to use vinegar to stabilize your soil’s ph level, I would suggest to use household...
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    Does pH and extra nutrient really matter for soil growers ?

    Soil’s ph level really matters because if it’s not on its proper level, plants might lose the ability to absorb the essential elements required for healthy growth such as: Nitrogen (N) for leaf and stem growth, Potassium (K) - essential for disease-resistance growth, Phosphorus (P) - important...
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    Possible problem with gnats

    Re: Possible problem with knats The best thing you can do to really get rid of gnats is to cut off their food supply. Gnats love fungus, and fungus loves moisture! Stucked foods like overripe bananas or peaches and over-watered plants are some of the many sources of fungus and moisture. You...
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    White spots on leaves - Please help?

    I think your plants was infested by spider mites. I would suggest to immediately isolate the infested plants from the others. The first thing you need to do is to verify if spider mites are really present on your plants. You can use a clean white paper and shake the leaf slightly. Use a...
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    Is it possible to mix your own nute solution

    Mixing your own nute solution is not a crazy idea. Actually, Jimmycricket is correct When mixing your own nutes, just make sure to supply your plants with the proper amount (not just small amounts) of each nutrients & essential elements required to increase its growth such as: Calcium Nitrate...
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    Ph in soil?

    When testing your soil’s ph level, make sure it’s dry because if soil is wet, it might give you a false reading. I would suggest to check your soil more than once to verify the accuracy of your PH results. PH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. 7.0 is neutral. Below 7 is acidic or sour Above 7...
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    Lowering ph in soil help

    The most aggressive way of lowering ph level of soil that I know is adding pure sulfur. You can also try adding organic matter to improve the structure of your soil. :high-five:
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    Newbie need help spider mite problem

    I would suggest to spray them all because mites multiply quickly. If you are just going to spray the 5 plants that was infested, you might not be able to get rid of the eggs. Mites lay eggs after they mature in about two weeks after hatching. :high-five:
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    PH Stabilizers

    I used vinegar if ph is too high and baking soda if ph is too low. It works well on my plants. You can try it too!:cheer2:
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    Need Help! Looking for natural pesticides to protect my children's health.

    Thanks so much for your help:). Really appreciate it!
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    Need Help! Looking for natural pesticides to protect my children's health.

    My wife and I are looking for a natural pesticides for our garden. We don’t want to use chemical pesticides anymore because it triggered bad health condition to one of our children. She had several episodes of asthma attack after she sniffed the chemical pesticides that we sprayed on our garden...
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    Too near the light?

    Yes, GiGaBaNE is correct. Street lights, or even car lights & interior lights at home can disrupt the flowering period of plants. Most plants need a dark period for their overall health and well being.
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    Closet grow help!

    You need an in-line fans and blowers. For proper cool air circulation inside the grow tents, you need to install an intake and exit valve. Put the intake valve near the bottom (lower right back corner) and the exit valve at top left back corner. Make sure that the intake valve is bigger than the...
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    First time grower, Need Lots Of Advice

    Yes, chicken wire can protect your new sprout from small animals like rabbits & mice but not for small insects or slugs. If you really want to protect your plants, you might as well consider using grow tents (whether you use an improvised one or professionally made), it’s very essential to use a...
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  18. Reflective Hydroponics MYLAR Grow Box - Small

    Reflective Hydroponics MYLAR Grow Box - Small

    *GrowGreenBox® Model GGBWB614 MYLAR Greenhouse *Hydroponics Green Box / Indoor Grow Tent *Grow Room / Dark Room / Hydro Cabinet *Designed to Fit in small spaces *Discreet Packaging / See Pictures *All Pictures are of Actual Products being sold *Set Up in Minutes / Tool-Free Assembly...
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