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    Dennise Growing With Twilight's Spider 16

    Hi everybody.... :48: I am currently testing the Spider16 for Twilight LED's and hopefully we are going to see what the most power COB light currently on the market will do.... I will post up the specs as given to me by Jason from Twilight...
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    Dennise Growing Under A Znet4 In Soilless Medium With Growology

    :welcome: I am starting a new journal to try and do the best we can on showcasing the Znet4 and Growology. I am currently blooming a Wild Thai under the light that is in Peat moss, perilite, and vermiculite. I should have added gardening lime but didn't so have had to start using cal/mag with...
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    Dennise - No Longer The Newest Of Newbies - Not Growing In MG - Perpetual

    :welcome: I am attempting to grow 6 bag seeds in my extra closet. This is my first grow so I am using the bag seed instead of the few medical seeds I have to try and get it right before using my good seeds. I germinated with a wet paper towel in a sealed baggy and all 6 seeds sprouted and were...
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    Dennise, Newest of Newbies

    :peace: Need some expert advice here. Not sure how to do this and am sorry if this gets posted more than once. Looking for advice from The303Stoner too View image in gallery View image in gallery View...
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    1400 lumen 5000k LED

    Has anyone used these lights for veg stage? 1400 lumen 5000k LED's. I have 6 plants with 4 of those and 2 6500k CFL's. This is my first grow and am going on day 15. Will these work until I go to the 2700k for flowers?
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