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  1. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    Going from 7.4 to 6.4 ph is 10x more acidic so the plant will have to adjust its metabolic processes which takes a bit of time but this is a good thing in the end. Go easy on her with the light and temperatures etc while she recovers would be my advice for now.
  2. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    Maybe but it's probably from the earlier ph issues. It's only been a couple of days so you need to give her some time to recover. Like a week or so. A normal breeze shouldn't hurt at all. Keep an eye on the new growth to look normal, the old stuff will remain damaged or even get a little worse...
  3. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    Looks good, I'd keep the fan as long as it is not blasting directly on the plant.
  4. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    Ya it's basically a ph induced deficiency I'd say.. I'd recommend waiting til water is actually needed in a couple days or so. You could dim or raise your lights a little while you wait, that will help reduce the stress on her. Keep a fan going to help dry the soil.
  5. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    I just checked the canna website and they actually recommend lower still especially since you have the coco mixed in.. 5.8 to 6.2..
  6. PE636

    Help with diagnosis please!

    Ph too high. Adjust your nutrient solution to 6.3-6.5, but not before they need water again as that that will only make things worse if you overwater. It's ok to have a sort of schedule as you mentioned but don't force it on them. Water and nutes are the same in that it's really easy to add more...
  7. PE636

    A Good Old Fashioned RedHotChiliPepper Grow Off

    Sunny days!
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  9. PE636

    Pot size in coco

    What's your lighting situation? With coco/perlite your limiting factor is going to be light not pot size. Especially if you plan to do a for real scrog with a nice flat canopy and not just netting for support. IMO you're better off with smaller pots and more of them if anything. I would reckon...
  10. PE636

    Jack47 & Hy-1 Coco Dyna Gro

    The other two are coming along pretty good, just gave them a drink of Diamond Black aka liquid humic acids very dilute. 22C sunny and breezy. I'll be popping these two into 3 or maybe 5 gallon fabric pots soon.
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  12. PE636

    Jack47 & Hy-1 Coco Dyna Gro

    The 3 day olds are getting planted in the vegetable garden where I mixed in lots of compost and some glacial rock dust a couple months ago. We'll see what happens. This is the Moby.
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  16. PE636

    First time grower with some questions, how do they look?

    You really don't want to let it get too dry. At this point you can probably go a couple days if you've soaked it well but generally coco should be watered daily or even more once the roots are established.
  17. PE636

    First time grower with some questions, how do they look?

    I think that is referring to other soilless media like promix etc. The consensus as far as I'm aware is always nutes in coco. It's what I use generally. Definitely start low with the nutes, easy to add more, hard to get back out of the plant. I recommend getting a ppm/ec meter so you can dose...
  18. PE636

    First time grower with some questions, how do they look?

    Don't use plain water in coco. Looks good though. Lst can start whenever you wish it's never too soon really if you're careful.
  19. PE636

    Jack47 & Hy-1 Coco Dyna Gro

    Day 10 and 2 Outside getting tough. Also picked up a big thing of coconut oil to see about making some edible oil with some of the last crop.
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