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  1. Bonsaiweed

    To grind or not to grind

    So I've been in meds for a while (almost out now....you know how it goes)...and I came across a situation I found strange.... I usually just use herb/med in their natural form....just break a piece and insert into my device (Genius pipe)....and pursue my treatment. But I found that I had some...
  2. Bonsaiweed

    Front page missing news images

    In Firefox (from Mozilla) version 60.0.2, the news columns are missing all images, except for the sponsor advertisements. Just to let the admin know.
  3. Bonsaiweed

    Eagles 2018 Tour

    If you haven't gotten a chance to see the Eagles perform, don't let the passing of Glenn Frey deter you from seeing them with his son Deacon standing in. The wife and I just saw them last night, and the concert was beyond spectacular. Not a big stage show, but the performance was absolutely...
  4. Bonsaiweed

    Edible recipes & infusion recipes

    So I'm sort of in growing limbo, I thought I would make an edible recipe thread, and catalog it with a spreadsheet. I find myself reading and posting on all the fabulous grow tents/rooms. They are really great, but I'm not really adding positive content to the forum. I will still throw in some...
  5. Bonsaiweed

    Cannabis in soap?

    Ok, so I jump in the shower with a fresh bar of homemade Lilac soap. It's Castile soap that I make for my own use. I have given a few friends bars since I've been making it. Four ingredients. Olive oil, lye, essential oil, + water. I wonder if you would water cure some cannabis for use in...
  6. Bonsaiweed

    Interesting analysis of Cannabis

    So my spouse and I were talking, and I come up with an interesting idea. Is THC/CBN an attractant or a repellant? I thought at first it may be a repellant, to keep from animals eating the seeds. However, it may be an attractant to get animals to eat the seeds. Some seeds are actually evolved...
  7. Bonsaiweed

    Magic hot water

    I'm not sure this is the appropriate place, so if not, please move the thread. Some people may know this, but many may not. If you are hurting, really hurting, try getting in the shower with the hottest water you can stand. Try to get that water to hit you where you are hurting. I use this...
  8. Bonsaiweed

    If you were just starting

    If you were just starting and was going to pick just one strain (preferably auto), what would it be? I'm already working on some dwarfs for my first grow, but I'm thinking of what I should grow next. (I know....dang BRUH, you are not even finished with the first!!!) I'm just thinking ahead...
  9. Bonsaiweed

    Bonsaiweed's Dwarf Low Flyer, Indoor Tent, Soil, LED, First Grow, 2018, Terminated

    Ok, so I've taken the plunge. This isn't truly my first attempt at growing, but it will be the first one I hope to take to finish. Last one I had to get rid of (about 20 years ago), and the other we won't discuss (it was a joke, I didn't know anything). My Equipment: Accurite Temperature and...
  10. Bonsaiweed

    Low Flyer & uber quick shipping

    Got my beans, and quick too (5 days). Hope the strain will let me torture a few very small plants. I didn't need the small size, just wanted to try something different. I don't necessarily need a huge crop or the maximum THC. I'll try something else after this first grow. I'm sticking with...
  11. Bonsaiweed

    Uber Lurker - Finally off the stoop

    Read the site for years. Now I'm off to try my hand at spouting some little guys for myself. Gathering supplies at the moment, but will be happy to start. Not a young man by any means, and have read most things (34 years of research...) about the growing adventure. Gonna do some Bonsai (low...
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