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  1. TorturedSoul


    Couldn't say; haven't heard it.
  2. TorturedSoul

    Soils come with salts in them?

    I hope your plants make it. Please keep us informed.
  3. TorturedSoul

    Mars Hydro Summer Sale Giveaway 11, 13/30: 2019.07.05

    Mars Hydro Summer Sales is xxxx ;) . Hey, you're right, she hasn't visited the forum since last Friday morning (our time zones). SmokeSara, I hope everything is okay over there. And I hope I win one of these: Come on, lucky... luck?
  4. TorturedSoul

    Female Seeds Giveaway: Stroopwafels & Seeds To Be Won!

    Congratulations, scrogster! Thanks for sticking with us, Gary.
  5. TorturedSoul

    Heisenberg strain: another week to harvest?

    Lots of new pistils. What do the trichome heads (on the flowers, not the leaves) look like? Clear = immature. Cloudy/milky = peak potency. Amber = degraded potency / past their prime.
  6. TorturedSoul

    Soils come with salts in them?

    I did do some searching for information on this product. Seems like it might be pretty hot (more so than Ocean Forest), but not consistently so. If you have several bags, you might want to mix them all together (thoroughly) so as to not end up with some containers that are hotter than others...
  7. TorturedSoul

    My first outdoor grow I could use some advice!

    Maybe start a grow journal thread, so that one pair of eyes becomes many. We mostly have indoor ones, so yours ought to be popular. If that plant is still flexible, curve it so the top is below several other nodes, and tie it down. You'll see more growth in the portion of the plant that is...
  8. TorturedSoul

    Best minerals for growing

    Like Super Triple Phosphate, you mean?
  9. TorturedSoul

    Soils come with salts in them?

    Ingredients are: 35-45% coco fibre, sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products, perlite, fertilizer (0.5-0.3-0.3, from earthworm castings, bat guano, oyster shell and dolomite lime) and mycorrhizae. So... No. Edit: Well, unless there's something like nitrates in the bat shit.
  10. TorturedSoul

    Has anyone ever tried

    Brazilian, FtW.
  11. TorturedSoul

    Has anyone ever tried

    Forum search engine is working fine. Hit the icon at the top of any page here and type that in - you'll find a lot.
  12. TorturedSoul

    Fermented juice

    Maybe they don't know that with well over 2,000 stains in the marketplace, a person can pretty much pick their flavor - and grow it. But whatever floats your boat, I guess. About the only fermented... juice that I'm interested in these days is a well-aged single malt. I try to buy a bottle...
  13. TorturedSoul

    Need help please

    As long as you're getting a mild, highly oxygenated nutrient solution to the plant's roots, with the usual recommendations about pH, and supplying a reasonable amount of light-energy, you should be fine. I don't use Rockwool, either. Personally, I tend to hand water the young plant several...
  14. TorturedSoul

    Anyone know about flowering in aquaponics can I use bloom nutrients to help bud?

    I'm guessing that's what they're for, hoss.
  15. TorturedSoul

    PH levels

    Personally, I'd just choose a better medium, one that didn't break down (in terms of chemical/etc. changes, rather than physically breaking or crumbling). Hydroton / Geolite / Hydro Crunch (all name brands for expanded clay "balls") or perlite. Coco Coir if I couldn't find anything better and...
  16. TorturedSoul

    Additional lighting?

    Where the question mark in post #1 is, lol? My thought was, "Yeah, I guess it makes sense - if your porch roof is made of glass or clear plastic, and you've added walls of the same material." But I tried to ignore that thought so I could answer the question they (might have?) wanted to ask...
  17. TorturedSoul

    AKGramma Grows Autos: Current

    Do you suppose they'll stop allowing folks to build/live in the fault zones now? They let people build in the flood plain area here, although they require flood insurance (which is more expensive there than it is on mountaintops, lol). But they also require that the buildings and the properties...
  18. TorturedSoul

    Additional lighting?

    You're trying to prevent the switch to the flowering phase for a time? Yes, the addition of artificial lighting can do that. Not sure I'd spend the money running a 600-watt HPS when a few strategically-placed CFLs can accomplish the same thing, lol, but if they're in a location where they're not...
  19. TorturedSoul

    Cut off top of colas in preflower by mistake, argh!

    Coco coir is a hydroponic medium. Assuming you haven't allowed it to dry out, it should work fine, but it's not exactly an inert substance like, for example, perlite is. Your pH is a little high for a hydroponic grow. Try adjusting your nutrient solution to 5.8. If it's a drain to waste setup...
  20. TorturedSoul

    PH levels

    Are you implying that your medium isn't mostly (or at least substantially) peat moss, then?
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