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    Male or female?

    Is that male guys please help?
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    Aurora Indica

    5weeks of flowering
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    DWC 1xAurora Indica 450WLed

    120 days!
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    Aurora Indica hydroponics

    100days old just One baby. I had many problems especially rot roots cos of rez temperature. And i had to wait 2.5 months in veg stage. I used h2o2 and rot roots has gone. Im going to make cocopeat mat for might be better results and use cannazym cos can’t reach hydroguard(turkey). Love u guys...
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    Aurora indica

    100 Days!
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    Aurora Indica 600W LED

    Hey guys :) that’s my first and wondering doing right. Aurora indica (nirvana original) 600W full spectrum but Aliexpress (i bought viparspecrta 450W par but not get yet) 60x60x190cm (dark room II) tent Rez : 58x45x30 cm 78lt (ikea klamtare) Eheim air pomp 2 ext circulation motor for tap...
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