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    WWidow sproutling with rusty leaves

    She is Nirvana White Widow (seed), 2 weeks 4 days old (since sprout). The soil had remnants of Fox Farms Grow Big still in it when she was planted, as her sister was dug up by the kitteh. Gave her 1 dose of Grow Big, 1/2tsp-1gal water at 13 days, and the next day she was looking like this-...
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    Squint2focus' CFL & Soil White Widow 2011 Grow

    OK GUYS WE HAVE HARVEST :) Now that I have your attention, here is a pic from about 2 weeks pre-harvest: And here are a few from a day after harvest: So , she got hang-dried in a very warm (75ish) room with low humidity for 6 days, til her branches were nice and snappy. Total dry yield...
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    Squint2focus' CFL & Soil White Widow 2011 Grow

    She's still stretching but very, very slowly. Might get another 1-2" of height from her yet ;) Thanks for the suggestion: I moved her closer to the lights and added a huge oscillating fan. Got a nice, mild rustle in her leaves now :) Yes, she is indeed Nirvana's WW.
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    Squint2focus' CFL & Soil White Widow 2011 Grow

    Picture Day! Approximately 90 days into grow. Switched to Fox Farms Big Bloom about 16 days ago. These are all of the same plant. She lost a little color recently, right after the switch to Big Bloom. Seems like she's bouncing back now. She's 39" tall from the top of her dirt
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    Squint2focus' CFL & Soil White Widow 2011 Grow

    OK, Guys, here we go! I'm starting her on 12/12 and Big Bloom tomorrow! Any objections? I know its a lot of pictures (they are all of one plant), but I'm a Proud Mama! See you soon!
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