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  1. NeelDJ

    1st time grow box

    So I finally found a seed that germinated and it's been 40 days since it started popping out of the soil. My motive is to keep the plant small, so I did some LST and topped it on day 40, this post is in day 41. My question is, should I flip it to flower now? Here are some pictures of it...
  2. NeelDJ

    Smart Grow Box, Still Testing, Second Grow

    Well this my previous grow was a failure, as I started to panic that my plant was getting root bound, and had to water it very frequently or else the leaves would look gloomy. So transplanted it outdoors and ... My scumbag gardener ripped off the plant at 10 days flowering! I hurts, but I have...
  3. NeelDJ

    First Time Grow In India

    OK....so lets start This is for non profit and only for a small scale personal use. :Namaste: 1. Germination: i used the paper towel method and it was a great success. I used a heatpad to keep it warm. The arrangement is shown in the pictures below. ok...now how do i add image here...
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