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  1. Smoky da bear

    Most efficient use of entire plant!

    Hey guys I'm a somewhat rookie. I've used these forums before to grow some amazing stuff. Now, I know I'm late to the party but I just made cannabutter for the first time and it's got me curious about the best and most efficient way of making the most of every part of the plant. Be it butters or...
  2. Smoky da bear

    What's up - You won't believe this

    So, I decided last year that I would get a commercial drivers licence and to be safest of all of have to stop smoking. Its now been 126 days since I last smoked and I'm still pissing hot. Yup you read that right. November 26 2016 was the last time I partook. I was smoking a lot and very good...
  3. Smoky da bear

    Smokeys 1st DWC Grow - Need Advice Please

    Hey guys. I'm back. This time I'm using a DWC dual bucket setup. Lemon Kush Indoor Hydro 2x300w full spectrum l.e.d.s
  4. Smoky da bear

    Hydro bucket question

    Hey guys, I've done 3 successful soul grows. I would like to try a deep water culture bucket grow. Can anyone tell me a specific type or brand? Or what would be important when deciding which to buy
  5. Smoky da bear

    Grow in progress - New problem need help

    Going to post some pics for advice
  6. Smoky da bear

    Smoky's Grow - 1st Timer - Need All The Advice I Can Get

    Hey guys. This is my first real grow. I've doddled with it before but never really gotten devoted to success like I intend to be. I'll need advice from beginning to end probably. The genetics of the seeds I have is unknown. I do know for a fact that they are from some high grade stuff and not...
  7. Smoky da bear

    Hey guys! Need help!

    I need some help with a new closet grow. Im starting my first one. Have a light on the way. And I want to make a journal and share my progress along with receiving advice.
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