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    soil pH or lack of cal-mag?

    it does appear to be k and zinc defs at the same time according to the chart
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    soil pH or lack of cal-mag?

    they are in veg im using advanced sensi grow a/b 8ml per gal happy frog soil. however im having the same problem in my flowering stage with the same strains of these 2 plants also in flower im using advanced sensi bloom a/b 8ml per gal plus molasses 1 tbl spoon per gal just started to have this...
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    soil pH or lack of cal-mag?

    i was under the assumption that the newts made the ph right in my feedings however my h2o is around 6 when i water. how can i test the soils ph?
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    soil pH or lack of cal-mag?

    top pic is from bublelisious bottom is from elephant bud both in happy frog advanced sensi grow a/b and b-52 1000 watt mh 18/6 10foot by 8foot space
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    soil pH or lack of cal-mag?

    help i think my soil ph is off but dont know how to test it any suggestions as to what else could be wrong
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    im currently running 2 1000 watt hps they are both on 12 12 but 1 turns on at 1030 and off at 1030 the other turns on at 1100 and off at 1100 giving me 12.5 hours of light will this have any negative effects on my plants? also the reason im trying this is cause im trying to replicate the sun...
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