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    Can you dilute and keep needed levels to pass?

    I Read a lot of these but still am unsure. I am a heavy smoker. I may or may not be getting a new job that requires a drop. I have quickfix and powdered from testclear but wanted to know if it's possible to dilute but still have the necessary PH levels or whatever? I know if I drink gallons of...
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    What do the colors mean on the temp strip exactly?

    Been testing today with my real p. Having another person go for me later so temp is key. I have it with a pad tucked. After about 25 minutes 98 is brown and 96 green and 94 blue. What does that mean? So what is the temp>?
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    Body heat without the bottle touching?

    If you have someone who has is willing to pee for you and they do so say 15 minutes before the test, to keep it at temp would the bottle actually need to be touching your skin? I ask because I have a pair of underwear that are designed to carry things like this. There is a pocket in the front...
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    How long is human urine good for?

    If I have a friend pee for me into a bottle or whatever, how long will that last? I do not really want to freeze it if I do not have to. also, has anyone had a physical for a pre-employment test? How does that work? If it isn't a state or government job, just an office job in a facility that...
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    Experience With Physicals?

    I am in my mid 30's 5'6 127lbs and a daily toker. I have passed drug screens in the past using synthetic (Qf) or powdered human urine. I just have a few questions and if anyone has experience, it would be greatly appreciated! What do they make you do? I suppose hiding anything under your nuts...
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    Few different questions. Any help would be great!

    I smoke daily, for about 3 years now, maybe 5 grams a week or a little more depending (didn't smoke for 8 years at one point). I have a job opportunity with the county/state and have no idea how they test. I got a call today (I am currently employed) and had to BS a little. After a long while...
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    Freezing urine

    I have had a friend pee for me and I froze it. My power went out for a few hours and it got a little slushy and was quickly refroze. Will this effect the specimen in any negative way? I have quickfix but thought actual human, real stuff would be better but do no know much about what effects it...
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