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    Trump - Keep your campaign pledge to respect state marijuana legalization laws

    "On February 23, Press Secretary Sean Spicer indicated the Department of Justice might begin "greater enforcement" of federal law in states that have legalized marijuana. But during the campaign President Trump repeatedly pledged that if elected the federal government would respect the rights of...
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    Looking for landrace Lamb's Bread?

    Lamb's Bread (or Jamaican Lambsbread) has mysterious lineage, but is believed to have long-lasting, predominant Sativa genetics from the island of Jamaica............looked for the straight genetics but all i found was crosses:thanks:
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    Making a show about local dabb/flower in CO?

    **Dispensary:** **Location (City, ST):** **Strain:** **Rating:** **Comments (Optional):** anybody from COLORADO that would like to give any suggestion for me to try and feature on my show just list dispensary name strain and how many stars out 10/10!?! thank you all:thanks:
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    Federal Bill Introduced To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

    sign normls congress letter contact your lawmakers and urge them to support this pending legislation. Federal: Bill Introduced To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition.
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    Autoflowering perpetual?

    if i have a tent and put couple in evry 30 days moving left to right inside tent i will have cont. amount of meds right 4x4x7 tent, 5 gallon felt grow pots.......... how many every 30 days? 2 or 4? i think 3 sets of 4 for a full tent! lst on all plants!
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    Can I reuse soil?

    I was wondering if i could reuse soil, or is the salt build up to high to resuse And if i can how?ps...im using ffof
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    Soil after harvest?

    I was wondering if i could reuse soil or are is the salt build up to high to resuse And if i can how?ps...im using ffof just started growing med for my PTSD!
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    Need advice on tent size vs plant amount?

    I have a grow tent 5ftx5ftx7ft with 2x 300w led full spectrum lights with 4x under canopy 24w full spec led lights I am thinking crop king autos in 5gal felt bags with ffof soil..... HOW MANY PLANTS UNDER THESE STATS? and are those lights enough? ty all in advance
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