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    Does nobody care?

    This is about cannabis.. The weed industry is starting to crumble. I don't care about the legalization efforts... It's getting worse. More arrests and more prosecutions. Ultimately it will succeed in being decriminalized but nothing is getting better... and I'm not saying that YOU who is...
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    Good idea

    LOL! You know what you should do instead? Go to a hospital and walk into a room where someone's is having a baby and right when they come out of their mother.... just shove some acid into their mouths. lmfao. Or some weed.
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    We need to start fighting harder and we need to start fighting now

    Guys and gals... it's time for us to show this administration that they can't keep jailing people and taking away the thing that is saving our lives from years of chronic pain. I've been reading a TON of stories lately, about people getting put out of business, evicted and jailed for growing...
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    Afterlife and why it's a load of

    When I am smoking my weed, I often think deeply on matters such as the afterlife... and why it's the biggest, most disgusting excuse people have ever used. Especially this day in age, can't people just accept the fact that they are going to die and go nowhere? I mean, in my opinion, it's...
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    36 plants

    So you're in South Africa?
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    I'm so bored without weed

    lol dammit all to hell... well maybe this is how it's supposed to happen for me not sure. But I can tell you all one thing... without weed in my life, I am incredibly BORED and it's just not fun at all... keep smoking guys! I'll be there one day.. just 5 more years, *sigh*
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    I can't believe this hasn't been discussed or commented on or anything yet. Anyways, I am wondering what do you guys like/dislike about being a lightweight if you are one? If you're in a group with someone else who's a lightweight, are you open to them? Do you have "beef" with them...
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    Hello new person here

    Hello I'm new here, not sure where else to post this so I'm just posting here. I am really hoping marijuana will be legalized and I'm trying my hardest to get it legalized from my home, as I am not physically able to protest or fight or whatever... Anyways... hello.
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