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  1. Xbones

    Jay the Cannabis Explorer - LED Grow

    Hey everyone its time again to flower! The Cheese,Blurp,and Strawberry Purple Urkle that has been vegging over 40 days has been moved to the 5Gal Ebb&Grow system in the flowering tent. They are so bushy and growing fast! Ill have 3 more joining them in a month after i'm sure the spider mites are...
  2. Xbones

    Xbones Super-Grow Adventure - Veg For Juicing & Flowering For Everything!

    Hello everyone! Told you I would be back and dang it im back with Platinum LED's! lol Sadly a few years ago when I started my first grow I had to shut down shortly after I started and return to Oklahoma to help family with my mom that ended up having Dementia. I hope to get her out here to...
  3. Xbones

    Xbones First Journal - 6 Pot Monster System With 800W Diamond Advanced LED July 2012

    Hello there I have been been reading journals on here for a while and finally got a system together and going to start a video journal on youtube and link it to my journal here so everyone can enjoy it as I do too! Sadly 2 of my 4 plants turned out male and had to pluck them but two survived...
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