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    trichomes question

    After searching everywhere without finding the answers I was curious if anyone here knew. Do trichomes burst after being amber to long(the head/bubble part)? With a pocket microscope what is the easiest way to distinct clear from amber because I noticed they don't really go to a dark amber...
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    How are they Looking? First Grow 400w cooltube Scrog Pics

    Re: **How are they Looking? First Grow 400w cooltube Scrog Pics** looking good! cropped that bad boy into a bush. looking forward to the end results. goodluck
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    WC's 1st Time Grow with 400w HPS/MH Think Different Autoflower

    Hey man those autos are looking amazing so far. I joined just to tell you that plus I've been coming here for awhile and finally decided to create an account, but those beauties you have going look great. All I do is grow autos, I've grown atleast 50 different strains of autos. I read...
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    Low Stress Training an autoflowering plant?

    Wow! I'm going to try this with some of my new autos I have going. I've never seen this before but looks awesome!
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    First Grow Pics

    Awesome for a first grow!
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    You Might Be A Grower If

    Kicked out your roommate so you could have another spare bedroom/grow room.
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    Netstatmen's Soil Auto Red Poison LED Grow Light Journal - 2013

    Hey man! I know exactly what your problem is and I had the same exact problem when I first started growing automatics. Your problem is too much light which stunts your plant. I ran into this problem so much until I figured it out. Either turn your lights down or raise them. Automatics are...
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