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  1. SBG

    SBG's Life In A Box - The Ongoing Saga of Producing Bud in a Box

    I Guess this is my third grow in My 2 compartment Cabinet. Last grow was great success with a Vscrog. This time around I thought I would try my hand at a Mainline type of thing that was inspired by a fellow grower. This Mainline is a Clone off of my Laughing Buddha mother plant. I let the...
  2. SBG

    SBG's Second Cabinet Grow Vscrog With Laughing Buddha Clones

    Here we go again. Welcome to my second grow in a cabinet. This all started when I took clones of of my outdoor laughing Buddha when she was in about her second week of flowering. here they are under there 2L domes under a 23w cfl 24 hr light. Then they moved into 1 gal pots and have...
  3. SBG

    SBG's First Grow Cabinet Under CFLs (Wish Me Luck)

    Well I've been a looky loo long enough and have collected so much info from all that I thought it was time to post something here, so here goes. Picked up a good sizes cabinet for $25.00 dollars and filled it up on the cheapish side with what I think should give me something. Starting with a...
  4. SBG

    Can it be saved and is it worth saving

    A friend of mine gave me a couple of sick looking clones and I'm not sure I can save them or if it is even worth trying to save them. Any thoughts anyone. :thanks:
  5. SBG

    clones in need of help? Help?

    Can't believe how much I have learned on this site by just reading everything. But I am in need of help on these to clones that a friend brought over to me to babysit due to illness or something. Two little Texada timewarp clones not sure if they've been accustomed to being outdoors but my...
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