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    Vapor composition

    ​​Been using a Snoop Dogg Elite vaporizer with digital temp control. I start at 350F and crank up to 375F at the end. Supposed to be under any combustion temperature. But what's the vapor composition ? Obviously, THC and other cannabinoids vapor is transparent / invisible, like mostly all gas...
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    Do Roots Go Through Mesh Filters - Like For Bubble Hash?

    I would like to put several plants without the roots getting mixed. I know that roots will go through any cotton fabric or similar material. But will it go thought the filters like the ones used to make bubble hash ? the 73 microns might be enough to stop roots and still let water/gas pass...
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    3 DWC 3 gallon buckets connected together - No recirculation

    Is it a good idea not to use a pump for recirculation ? I mean it's only 3 buckets with each their air stone so there is already a lot of water movement. All I want in fact is having to adjust ph/ppm only once, not 3 times ! And I do not want any pump to add heat and problems. I want to...
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    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!

    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!! Just bought this item and after 1 single use, it is already not working, not heating anymore. That is only an expensive shit that is not even working. You can do better with your oven. Their customer service is awful; they couldn't care...
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