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  1. Be Irie

    Irie's Irie Garden

    Well, I took a bit of a vacation from the journals and guess it's about time to start a new chapter. The flower room is broken into two sides. The main side 5x8 has a 1000HPS and a 600 HPS for the overhead lighting and a 400 CMH dropped into the middle. Filling in around the 400, the 1k is in...
  2. Be Irie

    Let's see your tea

    Let's see those nasty, stinky, messy tea mixes..... When my non organic grower friends come by it is funny to see the looks on their faces when I show them or they get a whiff of my mixes.. ( they really don't smell to bad until I get near the bottom).... A little mix I threw together...
  3. Be Irie

    Do you feed your plants every?

    Do you feed your plants every watering, everyother watering, or when?
  4. Be Irie

    The IRIE Garden (Part Deux)

    Well, I am back, so I guess it is time to get this going.. I am still a dirtbagger and growing organic.. I am going to add a hydro system here in the next few months. I have had to deal with thrips and powdery mildew but have it all almost under control.. I had to stay with a friend for a few...
  5. Be Irie

    The Best of the IRIE Garden

    OK, so here we goooooo... These are some of my fav's from past and present and will be an ongoing picture log. If you feel like it you are welcome to add your favorite pics of my plants too.. I have always been curious as to which pics people liked.. So let the fun and memories begin... I...
  6. Be Irie

    The IRIE Garden

    Since I have my hands full I figures I would just start a continuous grow journal. If I do something different from the usual I will start a different log. So my plan is to put 2-3 plants into flowering every 30 days or so. I will pick out some mommas of the strains we really like and keep them...
  7. Be Irie

    Micro Grow, BE IRIE style.. LA,BG,Mys.

    OK guys, since this grow is going to be much smaller then the usual I figured it would be my version of a micro grow... :bong: I shall have one Bubble gum clone, LA Confidential from seed, and a mystery (1 of five strains) from seed. They were all vegged under the LED, that's why they are...
  8. Be Irie

    Which light do you use to flower

    curiosity strikes again... What type of light/lights do you flower with? I use a 400 HPS and a 400 MH. I have tried 2 400 HPS's but I like the mixed light results better.:peace::ganjamon:
  9. Be Irie

    Viva Las Vegas! Procyon 100 LED Grow Test

    OK, so I am going to be doing this at least through the veg stage and possibly into flower depending on if I like what I see.. I will be using the proycon 100 which I think is a upper mid level LED. I picked Bubble gum and Dream Weaver to be my guinea pigs. The two seeds broke ground on 9/28. I...
  10. Be Irie

    When do you start your day count for 12/12

    Ok, just a bit curious about something. When do you start counting days for 12/12?? Is it when you switch to 12/12 lighting or when she first shows sex under 12/12?
  11. Be Irie

    Be IRIE #2 Black Death, LA Confidential, and Bubble gum..

    Well, I guess it is time to get this one going. BLACK DEATH- Black Death from Celtic Stone. The smoke is as the name states, a sure stone that ends the night. We crossed a Black Widow female with our powerhouse, Bjorn, and came up with a perfect crossing. Expect the buds to be a very light...
  12. Be Irie

    Question or two

    If a caregiver and the cardholder live together does this allow us to have 12 plants or is it still six? Is mature considered when you put it into flowering or say weeks before harvest? Thanks for any clarification on these questions.. :peace:
  13. Be Irie

    links in signature

    How do you get shortcuts:smokin2: to your own journal into your sig???
  14. Be Irie

    Be Irie.. BG,WR, and mystery 1st grow

    Ok, I guess it is time to get this going.. I am adding supplies and stuff as I can afford too. As of now the room is a 4'x4'x6.5' tent. I do not have any of the can fans for intake and exhaust yet but do have a box fan in there to help with the temps. The temps are usually in the low to high...
  15. Be Irie

    Lack of humidity

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I have a quick question on humidity. My humidity stays at 20%, and I have read that it should be between 35% and 50%. My question is what is the best way to kick up the humidity without doing damage to the lights or the plants? I have a 4'x4'x6.5' tent and...
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