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  1. Chris Scorpio

    Testing if I can delete the title12

    Didn't know you could, but it was done @Teddy Edwards does the title edit fall into the 420minute time frame
  2. Chris Scorpio

    Just Say No To Blurple Pics

    It's an epidemic of grave proportions!!!! The amount of Blurple pics being posted, even worse, peeps asking "what's wrong with my plant" ITS FREAKING BLURPLE!!!!! THATS WHAT Someone said "Nice Pointsettia" think that will be my reply from now on Please, please, please, we can't tell anything...
  3. Chris Scorpio

    Trip to Palm Springs

    He Guys and Gals Im a bit Cornfused on the laws in Cali. Can you just walk into any dispensary and purchase weed off the shelf? Or are there specific recreational places to purchase from Graciass
  4. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Try At DWC - Input Please

    So debating on trying my hand at some DWC, maybe down the road RDWC I want to try a single 5gal Bucket and maybe go as many as 6 down the road, but one to start. I have 6 starts, like 2 weeks old, in hempy Now so am close to ready to do a side by side Test with the DWC and Hempy Any input...
  5. Chris Scorpio

    Thinking changing to LED in my 2x4x5'6 tent?

    So am thinking of pulling the trigger on some LEDs I use a 600w HPS in my flower tent and working great, using T5s in my two smaller spots My 2x4 tent has been for veg and Autos and am wondering what the optimal LED or LEDs would be for it. Don't know much about LED so any feedback is...
  6. Chris Scorpio

    Male flowering question - My 1st stud

    Got my first stud, Cheech, he is an Original skunk #1 Forced him to flower , and after 4 days he showed his balls Pulled him to his own room with a few vegging girls on a 20/4 lights schedule That was like 4 days ago, and his flowers seem to keep growing. Does he need to go to a 12/12 or...
  7. Chris Scorpio

    1st harvest & cure in the desert - I'd love some help please

    Ill have my 1st Partial Harvest in about a week so could really use some guidance Its gunna be 103-110 deg outside and RH at about 15-20%. Inside it is usually around 77-79 deg durring the day and I go down to 76 at night. I was planning on hanging them in a bathroom that isnt used. I can...
  8. Chris Scorpio

    CBD Home Test Kits - Any Suggestions

    Hey all, has anyone tried and/or recommend any test kits?? I am growing a few CBD strains and want to be able to test the actual CBD in them. As well as test dispensaries strains to see if they are close to described. I hope to start making oils to assist with my Back pain and sleep issues...
  9. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Cavalcade Of Horrors With Hempy, Genetics, Perpetual & Much Much More

    Well... as the saying goes, ya cant beat em, hunt em down, maim them, Burry em in the desert and leave em for the Scorpions. No.. Thats Not it As normal for me, I dive in head 1st, water in the pool???? who cares.. So I have 6 Fems going now in my small Veg Tent. After seeing all you Epic...
  10. Chris Scorpio

    Help Please - New Grower -15 day old plants showing yellowing?

    Hey all Stats Purple Kush and Dutch Treat T5 Light FFOF soil, no nutes, plants on day 15 from popping outa soil Water PH 6.7-7 runoff was 6.3 The sighns started about 4 days ago when I was trying to get them dry before I watered to be sure I wasnt over watering. Been slight issues ever since...
  11. Chris Scorpio

    Suggestions for flower lights - LED or HID

    So all you experts:Namaste: Was originally planing on going HID for my Lights when I move from the 2x4x5 tent to the 4x4x6'6 tent for flowering. Usng a 2x4 T5 system for starts and veg stage now. Now Im in AZ, so Summer is coming fast and I may wanna keep my heat down so thinking maybe LED...
  12. Chris Scorpio

    Some help with T5 distance on new soil grow

    Hey all Just started growing again after 30yrs. Just moved seeds (from paprer towel germination) to dirt this Morning. This is my Setup Tents is a 25.5x51x63" OneDeal Tent. Lights Sun Blaze 44 T5 4 tube 4' light Dirt Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with Perlite So now some...
  13. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio420's Purple Kush & CBD Dutch Treat 1st Time Grow Journal 2017

    well.... the Kiddo's landed today from Crop Kings Purple Kush FEM and CBD Dutch Treat FEM. I ordered the seeds on 3/2 they shipped 3/3 and they landed today 3/7... NICE.. Thanks Crop Kings for epic service This is my 1st serious grow in like 30yrs... I did toss a couple seeds in my veggy...
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