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  1. Oldbear

    Stopping Chemo Decision

    Im hoping a few people can share experiences with making a decision to stop chemo treatments. How did you decide? When in terms of treatment program? How did it turn out? All comments welcome.
  2. Oldbear

    Oldbear 2019 Outdoor Grow

    A big stretch, a couple of yawns, scratch my belly and shake of the head. This Oldbear is waking up after post xmas hibernation. Its time to start getting ready for this year's outside grow. Turn on project brain and plan the plan... Lets see - Startup Review last years journal to refresh...
  3. Oldbear

    CBD Isolate Retailer Here

    Does anyone have experience with a Canadian seller of CBD isolate? I want to avoid border complications.
  4. Oldbear

    Happy Grower

    Couldn't resist.
  5. Oldbear

    Ontario Cannabis Possession: What Quantities?

    I've seen the 4 plants per household info. I've seen the 30 grams max in public. I've never seen an amount of dried cannabis some one can store at home. Has anyone seen this?
  6. Oldbear

    Ontario Cannabis Distribution

    Found this on the face plant site
  7. Oldbear

    How to take seeds to maturity

    I've got a few seeds on a Northern Lights auto, I don't mind at all. Can someone point me posts or a thread on what to do the ripen or cure seeds so they are viable? Thanks all.
  8. Oldbear

    Honey he’ll big blue box has grow supplies

    Was in the local Lowe’s store. They have added nutrients ph adjusters cloth pots and a led grow light of uncertain pedigree About time
  9. Oldbear

    Oldbear's Latest Experiment: Cannberries, Cannachews, Budlette Berries Or Whatever

    This just a stub of a thread to get started. First step will be some quotes to migrate what is already written in the Cob Thread to here. I'll be updating regularly but in small posts because I can't type for long plus I'm on the edge of cell service here in the Oldbear Den. Jury is out on...
  10. Oldbear

    Ontario Cannabis Stores and Prohibition II

    I'm totally speculating about how crazy it might get. Will people get busted for 'illegal' seeds or clones? Will there be people hired to peek into back yards to count the plants? Really? Interesting article about where the OCS will get knowledgeable staff? Likely bud tenders that have been...
  11. Oldbear

    Bill C-46 Canadian Legislation: Penalties and Punishments

    Here is the companion legislation that goes with C-45 Government Bill (House of Commons) C-46 (42-1) - Royal Assent - An Act to amend the Criminal Code (offences relating to conveyances) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts - Parliament of Canada
  12. Oldbear

    Skunk spray?

    Looking for a source of something I can spray outside to get people used to a faint skunks smell prior to my buds getting real stinky. Anybody have an idea ?\
  13. Oldbear

    Income Tax Medical Expenses - Medical Cannabis is a Legit Item

    Came across this today. Its from a Cannabis Clinic who help get people registered. Checked with CRA and its good information. The money you spend to purchase your Medical Marijuana can be used to lower the amount of income taxes you pay. 1. You must have an official medical document from a...
  14. Oldbear

    All About Terpene Supplements: Holy Grail Thread Spin-off

    This is a new thread created by popular demand :) Terpenes are available for sale from multiple retailers. They come premixed to match popular strains. They also come as individual concentrates (just like essential oils). I am no expert in this by any means, but a very interested party in...
  15. Oldbear

    Happy Cannabis Day 2018? - Really? I'm Worried

    I'll tell you why. Its all being set up as supply monopolies to big corporations approved by government. Retail is through provincially licensed stores - only. It could be that the only legal source of seeds or plants is through the corporations. The enforcement of these monopolies might...
  16. Oldbear

    Oldbear's 8 Month Outdoor Grow Space In A Northern Climate

    Hi anyone. I wanted to share what I have in mind for setting up an outdoor grow space that I can run from mid-March to mid November. All thoughts and suggestions and questions welcome. :thanks: I've been getting a lot of very useful information here: Maine 4-Season Grow Considerations...
  17. Oldbear

    Are You Overfeeding Your Girls?

    I found a couple of articles on over feeding. Hope it helps people. As one who seems to have a problem with overfeeding I can give a few symptoms to look for. 1. Spots on the leaves 2. Discolored (yellowing) leaves 3. Leaves curling downward 4. Browning and loss of foliage It's...
  18. Oldbear

    Two Feeding Questions

    Is there any methods or tools to measure the nutrient levels that are in soil? Does anyone know how long a plant takes to utilize all the 'food' in a cuft of soil?
  19. Oldbear

    Plant Problems Real Pictures

    I found this in a blog. Wanted to copy it here. All credit and many thanks to Rascio and iwltfum Plant Problems Using Real Pictures/
  20. Oldbear

    Flip To Flower - Abrupt Or Gradual?

    I'm getting close to flipping my girl into flower mode. I'm wondering if a gradual reduction in light from 18 to 12 is easier on the plant than doing it all in one step. I'm trying to simulate as much 'what happens in nature' as I can. A 6 hour drop in daylight would never happen in 1 day...
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