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    My cat ate the cotyledons off my seedlings! Are they gonna be ok?

    My cats ate the cotyledons off my seedlings. Are they still gonna make it?,should I just toss them and start over. Not to happy about it. They are a northern lights x skunk, 2- delicious Black Russians, and one kerlala x skunk. I hope they will still make it...
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    Anyone Have Experience Using Cannabis Roots in Recipies?

    I have been reading around and found recipes to make topicals using the roots of the cannabis plant. Does anyone have experience using the roots for this or any other purposes. Please post recipes, Experiences, and or Ideas. :thanks:
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    Aeroponics and dead Rez using UV water sterilization.

    I my self like using bene's, and bene tea, but for those who run a dead res or are considering it have you looked into a UV steralizer and would it gaurd against root rot?
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    Sea kelp, and yucca. Do you use one or both?

    Do you use kelp or yucca ? If so which brands and what dose. when do you feed and do you use during flowering. I'm looking to add theese to my Ewc tea. Extreme gardens myco 1tbs ( I bought stuff for soil at first, not knowing the was a wettable powder form.) (I drop it in the stocking with the...
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    Herbies coupon code?

    I tried using the search function but didn't have luck. Does anyone know a Herbies discount code. I ordered seeds from another company and unfortunately they didn't make it to me so going with round 2. I'm hoping since it's been almost 6 weeks now the container or something is just held up. I...
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    Cyco platinum pro package. Anyone have experience with this line of nutrients.

    Still on my first ever grow, using AN nutes in a low pressure aero system. Check my link below. I'm not happy with how AN nutrients are spread out over so many products when many that can be should just be combined, which equates to high costs. So I have gotten a good deal on this nutrient. I...
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    Voodo juice bacteria?! Or Grease away plus bacteria

    Ok so I'm a plumber by trade and my company carries a bacteria you can add to septic tanks and grease traps it's called grease away plus. I can not figure out what kind of bacteria is in the grease away. It is a bacteria and no other addatives. Anyone have any experience using drain cleaning...
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    Gozgrow's First Time Grow! First Time Aeroponic & 10 Plants

    There is my setup what you cannot see are the outtake fans, circulating fans and the cool mist humidifier. I'll add a picture of that and my plants in next post which will be tonight when I'm checking ph and ppm. So I got my plants as clones, from a co-op. I brought them home and topped them...
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    First grow, first post, and first aeroponics!

    I'm new to this site. And this is my first grow. I will be starting a grow journal in the proper section Here is my introduction. First grow 10 plants 3 white widow, 3 sweet blue angels, 1 blue venom, 1 lemon kush, 1 Obama kush And one alien dawg. All from soil clones started in rockwool, and...
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