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    Can you guys help me again please

    hey all, since i got a great amount of help on my first grow i thought i would come back again :D right so... my setup has changed since the last time. im still using a 4x4 tent but gone for a lower power fans as the ones i had could blow a car over lol light: LED BESTVA 1200w full spectrum...
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    Fan controller makes fan buzz - Is it normal?

    hi guys, i have a 6" 150mm ram extraction fan HydroGarden | RAM | Inline Duct Fans with a smscom fan controller and thermostat SMSCOM Fan speed controller 6.5 Amp the issue im having is when i plug the fan into the controller the fan makes a buzzing / hummmmm noise even on max. im...
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    First time grower needs help asap please

    hi people, i will provide setup details and info below, i just feel the back story could be important. so... my first grow! i started growing from seed and all was good, then as the first time grower in me came out i over watered my plants, this was quite bad at young age but they recovered...
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