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    Is this okay & healthy?

    I'm just curious as to if this is okay:healthy? The leaves on my plant are slanted I'm just wanting to make sure it's all okay???
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    I need some help!

    yeah i know i just needed to get it out of the smaller pot because i woke up and walked in there and about shit myself because the roots popped out the bottom overnight. I have a big ass black tub in my back yard that ill eventually use one day but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! forreal for the response...
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    I need some help!

    I just transplanted my plant into a 5 gallon bucket, and as i was doing it i noticed i ran out of soil so i had to mix some other soil in with my main soil which is fox farms idk the other brand of soil but it didnt seem to bad, FIRST QUeSTION! Do you all think that it will be okay? SECOND...
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    Do my plants look okay?

    I was just curious as to if my plants look okay? I need others opinions!
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    Please help me asap!

    So this is baby plant I'm just curious what's wrong with her? I'm thinking over watered or underwatered but I can't tell honestly. She's in fox farms soil under enough light and everything! Please help!
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    Does my plant look healthy?

    Just curious if my plant looks like it's doing okay? Yes there is a weird amount of space on the bottom leaves because of the light I originally had it under. But besides that does it look healthy I last watered it 2 days ago with 1 cup of distilled water and the soil is still pretty moist...
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    Is my plant looking healthy so far?

    i had the completetly wrong light until a few days ago so thats why its spaced like that, lol yeah it was my fuck up but every since i put it under a shit ton on watts its grown alot in just a few days!
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    Is my plant looking healthy so far?

    the yellow looking tips is just from the light shining on it.
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    Is my plant looking healthy so far?

    just curious, it looks fine to me. but im just looking for other opinions.
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    Would this be good enough?

    Would it be okay since I have two plants to put 4 on each plant of these? http://www.walmart.com/ip/170430994 I need help with this lighting issue lol and if I can get 8 of these bulbs for 37 then honestly that wouldn't be half bad
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