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  1. Relic995


    Passionfruit by Dutch Passion
  2. Relic995

    Seattle Freeze

    Here's pictures of my Seattle Freeze that I created. Its a cross between Neville's Haze Auto and Blue Dream. Final dried weight was 9oz of grade A bud... I dont count popcorn or trim.
  3. Relic995

    Layer Cake x White Tahoe Cookies, S1 Fem, PNW Cultivar Test Run

    In this thread, I will be posting the grow of my cross between Layer Cake, (Swamp Boys) and White Tahoe Cookies(The Archive). Thanks for following along ahead of time. I will post when the seeds become something worth seeing. Parent Strain(s) The Layer Cake is a 60/40 sativa‐indica blend...
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