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  1. Ink20a

    Ethos Citral Glue R1 Promix MH/HPS

    Hello 420... So after hearing so much about Ethos genetics and not really too much grow journals out there for this company, I decided to give it a shot and give my feedback on them. Beans dropped in spring water this morning @ 10:14am Will follow up in the afternoon. VEG 600W MH- Phillips...
  2. Ink20a

    Anyone grow with Ethos Seeds?

    I am looking for some new genetics for my next grow and I had a couple people recommend Ethos seeds but I don't really see much reviews about these. I wanted to get some feedback regarding which seeds I should go with, I was thinking Purple Zkittlez R1. If you guys had good luck with other...
  3. Ink20a

    First Legal Grow: Pink Kush

    Hi everyone here is my first grow journal, will be growing Pink Kush and a few Gorilla Glue #4. Set up: 2 Veg Room 8" Fan in each room 1 wall fan in each room humidifier in each room 18 Hours of light room temp as of today 23°C humidity 55% Lights 600watt MH- w/ digital ballast - Veg (4 in...
  4. Ink20a


    Hi 420, I have joined here to post all my grows. I currently hold a designated grower license and am growing for medical user in Ontario. This is my first legal grow, I've spent a lot of time researching and have a few pro growers as help. I would love the feed back from all the pros out there...
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