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    Making a tincture?

    Does anyone know if you can use 80 proof/ 40 % alcohol to make a tincture ?
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    Bays comeback

    So been gone for awhile to do some studying first thread went horribly wrong. Indoor. Strain : zkittlez Light AGLEX 2000 WAT COB LED COMBO. SOIL. So here are some pis of her. Be gentle please. Lol.
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    LED Wattage for a 4x4 full spectrum COB

    Any recommendations?
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    Anyone grown Auto Blueberry Domina ?

    Pics , suggestions?
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    Multiple lights by different manufacturers in a tent, ya or nay?

    So I was thinking about another light for my tent. Should I A. buy the same one or B .get a diffrent one ? Right now I run140 true watt led full spectrum , 12 band , for a 4x4. The diffrent one is a cob with 246 true watt that is full spec .(the one i have is not a cob , would it matter ?)...
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    Forgot to introduce myself

    Hello everyone , new to this sight . Signed up earlier this week . People seem very friendly here . Thank you everyone . I’ve only been growing for about 6 months going on my second grow . first one was nothing to brag about. Lol. I don’t know a lot , but if you need help looking something up ...
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    Air pump ran into the bottom of soil

    So I was thinking last night , has anyone ever ran a air pump line to the bottom of there soil through the grow ? And what results ? Was it worth it ?
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    Bay707: Blueberry Domina Auto, Zkittlez Bag Seed, Home Made Soil, I Think 3.5 Gallon, Seedlings, Indoor

    Indoor , home made soil , 3.5 gallon pots , under a 300 watt maxisun dimmable light. 4x4x7 tent ( not in use yet ) . No nuts yet . Light is 30” away and is at 50 /50 on the dimmers . Side note everything u see here is built with stuff I found around the house . Except for the lights , seeds...
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    Opinions on LED light

    Just asking for opinions on the maxisun 300 watt dimmable led light. Right now I am growing two one blueberry domina auto and another is a bag seed zkittlez they Both have just spouted . I have it on 40% veg and 25% bloom , at around 30 “. First time grower. Any suggestions on height and power...
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