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    EZ cloner wont work pics

    depends on your water. my water has a bactiertia in it that causes this slime. I use either DM Zone or Botanicare hydroguard with excellent results.
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    Venting with C02

    No need to vent. Ocassionally it can get a little stale in there if your scrubber isn't up to the task or your humidity gets too high. Plus when you open the door are they getting fresh air or just more indoor air?
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    Humidity issues

    I use an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler to keep my curing room at 62%. It is a portable unit and I allow the air to be recirculated through it which will bring your RH up as high as you need it w/o any mist in the air.
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    DIY dehumidifing?

    If you need a quick and dirty dehuey. Take a 100 dollar window AC, drill a drain hole in the bottom, attach a hose to drain the water and stick it in your room on high.
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    It should work fine. Talk to the guys at Doucette and ask them which coil they recommend for your compressor. It's pretty straight forward refrigeration. Like I said, I currently am running a open fixture 8k CEA.
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    Know this is tardy but..... I gave up on water cooling cause it was a pain. the Fresca Sol water jackets only last about a year before they need new seals. Required too much upkeep to keep it safe. I do a water cooled co2 gen with 30 gals of water and no chiller. I think they're called...
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    What's Your Coco Mix?

    I've been adding a high quality vegan compost 10%, Earthworm castings 10% Perlite 20%. 1 tbs dolomite lime scratched into top of 2 gal pot. Feed CNS-17 coco, Calmag. Nice!
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    I got mine on ebay and have sourced one from digigro.com as well. I have given up on water cooling and just use open hoods with a big ac now. I will still use this on my water cooled dehuey and Co2 gen.
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    How much cooling power could I harvest from this?

    That's sweet. Look for heat exchangers on ebay. They can be had pretty cheap. i want to do the same kind of thing but just use 2 water to air heat exchangers, one outside and one. Would produce a positive effect at least 9 months out of the year and could be built for under 500 bucks.
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    House water heater Co2 question

    Changing your ducting changes the chimmeny effect that the vent stack produces. This could cause combustion problems, not sure not an expert. I have seen threads where it's been done. But it wasn't an inexpensive setup. There was a Co2 controller and vents that were opened and closed. My...
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    I'm not sure if an ice maker can handle the dynamic load of a grow room. Much like a condensing unit for a walk in refrigerator, it is made to keep an specific space within a target temperature. That space never changes, and any outside input (heat) is absorbed over a period of time. An 1k HID...
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    A question on CGE grow rooms

    sealed is sealed! nothing in and nothing out (hopefully). you are trying to create an ideal environment for your plants. In my neck of the woods that can be difficult relying on outside air as the temps and RH vary. it can be 75 here in the day and 20 at night this time of year. running sealed...
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    CO2 debate need help

    My sealed room has co2 during the lights on period. Plants do not consume co2 at night, they produce it.
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    Water lines are used to extend. much easier.
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    It puts out more heat than cold! So if it cranks out 10k of cold it probably puts out 11k of heat. I run an 8k indoors, in the summer it is an absolute bitch even with good airflow, but it works. there's a good DIY on this site for converting a window ac for indoor use. Looks nice.
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    Is anyone doing a true CGE grow?

    I've been playing with the idea of just adding heat to my room to make my AC run enough to handle the humidity. Sometimes it seems thats all my dehuey does!
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    DIY Sulphur Burner/Evaporator

    Here's what I use. sorry got the name wrong. Presto 06006 Steamer - Walmart.com I know a guy that uses an old skillet! Here's a picture of mine hanging.
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    My goal is to have a water chilled air handler in my room. My current design (in my head), uses off the shelf heat exchangers. One in the room itself and one up on my rooftop. I only need 65 degree water to make this work. It is cold enough in my neck of the woods probably all but 3 or 4...
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    DIY window AC Chiller new Version

    6 600's will heat up 90 gallons of 50 degree water to a critical point in a couple of hours I imagine. My 3 600's will heat up 90 gallons in much less than one cycle, I would guess 2-3 hours before I'm in the 110 degree range. Plus you need to control the water temp, you don;t want it...
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