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    Clone life longevity in bubbler?

    I need to take some clones off a gorilla glue mother to run in my next hydro. Ive taken clones before, but i estimate im 3-5 weeks out from harvest of my current grow. I dont wanna take clones and have em die or get sick before i can get them in the hydroton. Ill be using a bubble cloner w...
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    Is she dead?

    Had to leave town for 7 days and had no one to water plants. One of which im pretty sure is dead. Some of the fan leaves are still aliveish, but today all the buds are starting to feel dry and crunchy on the outside. Should I just pull this thing out and hang it and see what I can get? I'd say...
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    Brains Escape - 3rd Try With Quantum Boards

    After some real poor growing starting off this year I flipped my last brains escape clone and my last indica bagseed clone to 12s last weekend. Figure ill give a journal a try again and hopefully not turn it into a crap show again. Lights on 7a-7p they were under 3 big cfls and a...
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    Please help me make it stop

    Ive got a plant gettin slowly sicker and sicker on me and i dont know what to do. Im starting to feel like the guy that just throws parts at a broken car trying to fix it. Also, im partially colorblind. So when most people google "lime green leaves with brown edges", im googling "leaf edges...
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    2nd Grow - Outdoors On A Cart

    Well guys this is my second grow ever. I started it in late June kind of a last-minute zero planning type of thing. Anyways I put them all outside on July 1st and started them on a 12/12 light cycle Aug 6th. I plan to leave them outside day and night in about 30 days when there is less daylight...
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    3 gallon or 6 gallon for plants outside

    Hey guys, i started way late but i have some seedlings which sprouted late June and have been outside since July 1st, i also have a 5ish inch tall clone. Im wondering if i should work up to 6 gallon pots, or just put em in 3 gallons as my season is going to be shorter. I dont want to use 12...
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    I just use the juice in drinks

    So i made some vape juice w the mason jar hot water bath method. It came out kinda thick, dont think it was strained enough, and didnt work well in my Ecig. It just kept clogging it up and tasting all burned. So i set the liquid aside and didnt pay much attention to it until i got to thinking...
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    Help me plan for an outdoor grow next year

    I have a small indoor grow going now, but next year when things change around here and no one can say anything to me about a plant anymore, I plan to try outside. (I am a newb grower on my 1st indoor right now). I have a South by southwest facing hill behind my home that I think would be...
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    Clones in water bottles and light on roots

    Just a quick question.... i see lots of fellas cloning in water bottles, then theres always someone that comes along and says...roots dont like light, dont clone in water bottles..... well, it works whether the roots like light or not.... but i threw some clones in some old beer bottles...
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    Brains Escape & Unknown Indica

    Hey guys i figured i would start a journal. I wasnt going to as its my first time, but i didnt see alot of brains escape grows so i thought i would add another. My grow is a home built job, made from all scrap lumber and plywood so forgive me if its a bit different. Its 18" deep, 28 wide, 52...
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    Any curing advice

    I didnt plan ahead and think about where im gonna cure/hang my bud. My scrog cabinet isnt an option as ill have plants going back in IF i have a harvest. Still waiting on sex to show, just switched to 12 12 lastnight. Would i be ok in my garage? My garage is under the house, i have my truck in...
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    Pruned 4 days ago, can i 12 12 tonight?

    I pruned my scrog plants on saturday, i planned to wait until sunday to switch to 12 12, but these plants bounced back from the prune and are exploding. I can see now i waited to long to prune, i was off on my estimate but hey its my first time growinq and the scrog net is gonna be 100% full if...
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    I messed around and cloned - I think

    This is my first anything grow, about 10 days ago i topped my plants and had no intention of cloning the tops. Well i tossed em in the trash and after about 20 minutes i felt wasteful so i figured i would give em a chance. I set em in water bottle caps w water for a couple days, then for...
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    Illinois legalisation is when not an if in 2017

    Legal Pot in Illinois a Question of When, Not If, Legislators Say | Chicago Tonight | WTTW
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    First grow - How am I doing?

    Hi all, ive been poking around here while ive been working on my first grow. Im indoor, have a galaxyhydro 300 which i know isnt the best led but my plants sure seem to like it. Its a negative pressure cabinet i just vent outside, im not concerned w smell as my neighbors are just wildlife...
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    What do you guys do with old soil?

    Hey fellas, im new to growing, currently doing an indoor grow in a cabinet. Going to top and scrog. Anyways, so far so good on my grow but ive been wondering what others do with old soil. I have a compost pile where i put all my fruit and vegetable trim as well as coffee grounds and egg...
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