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    What Crazy Object Do You Keep In Your Grow Room?

    comic book artwork on the walls....Harley, Ivy and Supergirl
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    Things you do to reduce cost of growing!

    Great thread Dontscrewup. Wish I had it this time last year. I have went thru the growing pains as well I have come out wiser but poorer. I think the biggest expense can be trying to save money and not getting want you need to begin with. For example, I bought the grow package-refelctor...
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    First HPS 600W grow - How am I doing?

    Re: How am I doing? First time using 600w HPS Keep us updated on the 12/12. Light is so very important to the plant. In regards to 2 oz per 2ft plant, I think that may be on the heavy side, especially with the lack of veg time. I always plan for the least and hope for the best.
  4. Plant C week 4

    Plant C week 4

  5. Plant B week 4

    Plant B week 4

  6. Plant A week 4

    Plant A week 4

  7. Canopy Day 96

    Canopy Day 96

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    Did I mess up already?

    That's awesome!! Keep us posted.
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    New chick here from NC

    Awesome!! Glad to have you would love to see pics of the Humboldt. Keep me posted.
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    20 day autoflower - Does it look normal?

    I am growing an auto flower at the moment(the easiest to grow so far) and it is better to under water than over water. I would use a moisture meter and let them get fairly dry all the way to the bottom of the pots. When you water go slow letting the pots absorb. Pour a little and smoke a bowl...
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    Why is my plant yellowing - Please help

    If you use something like Alaska Fish fertilizer 5-1-1 it won't burn your plants...if it's nitrogen def. then that will fix it for sure...if not no damage done. The initial drought means the time in which they say the feed included should last(I think). Good luck. Keep us posted.
  12. Plant A week 3

    Plant A week 3

  13. Day 89

    Day 89

  14. Plant D week 3

    Plant D week 3

  15. Plant C week 3

    Plant C week 3

  16. Plant B week 3

    Plant B week 3

  17. Grand Heft Auto

    Grand Heft Auto

  18. Plant D

    Plant D

  19. Plant C

    Plant C

  20. Plant B

    Plant B

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