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  1. nobodyuknow

    Best Way To Store Canna Coconut Oil?

    I made my first coconut oil a few weeks back, and I was surprised this weekend when I went to get what was left and there was a big moldy thing right in the middle :53: so of course I threw it out. So I made another batch this weekend, and I'm wondering, would it keep longer in the freezer...
  2. nobodyuknow

    Bomb Berry Auto

    Heres my Bomb Berry Auto that I just finished out. I grew her under a Mars-Hydro Mars II 400 watter. I used a 7 gallon Smart Pot and Fox Farm nutes. These autos really seem to love the "Boomerang" from Fox Farm. I used it mostly during veg and flowering. I got some nute burn thru out the grow...
  3. nobodyuknow

    Nitrogen Toxicity?

    OK folks, heres what happened. Sunday night I decided to start flowering, so I turned my timer to 12/12 and I put bloom nutes 1/2 strength on my plant. The next day I started noticing the wild light green color. I did some research and I think its nitrogen toxicity, so I began to flush really...
  4. nobodyuknow

    Northern Lights x Big Bud

    So I started my new lady. She's 4 weeks and 4 days, and will be 5 weeks this Friday. She's a Northern Lights x Big Bud Feminized that came from Herbies, which I always order from. She's been growing under my TopLED Mars II 400 watter. I'm so happy with this light by the way. I cant believe the...
  5. nobodyuknow

    Yellowing Please Help!

    OK so yesterday I noticed these leaves starting to yellow, so I thought maybe I had the new LED light too close, so I raised it a bit, and now today it seems worse. I've searched and read a lot, and I think maybe its one of 3 things, either too much water, not enough nutes, or nute burn. This is...
  6. nobodyuknow

    New Mars II LED 400W from TopLED

    Well I got the new Mars II LED 400W Grow Light from TopLED, got it all hooked up and going a couple of days now, and I am so impressed! First of all, this light is so bright I really need some sunglasses. With the light pointing down I cant even see the LED's so I cant imagine if I looked right...
  7. nobodyuknow

    Something Went Wrong

    So I have 2 plants, and one of them is doing well. I planted them both at the same time, but this one for some reason got messed up. I'm not sure if its the genetics, or maybe I did something wrong, but the bigger plant I did the exact same things to it that I did to this one, but yet this...
  8. nobodyuknow

    Heavyweight Fast & Vast Autoflower CFL Grow

    I started this back on 1/14. Started with a seed direct into a Rapid Rooter. Strain: Heavyweight Fast & Vast Autoflower Feminized, Indica 80%, Sativa 20% Indoor grow in a closet, with 1200 watt equivalent CFL home made hood, mixed 6500K daylight with 2700K soft white, half & half...
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