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    Good bulb for a digital ballast

    Hi guys, wondering if anybody with experience using a digi ballast has any suggestions for a good hps bulb to use. was looking into the digilux but I've seen a lot of mixed reviews. Id appreicate any input. Thanks :peace:
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    White foam in dwc res?

    Hi guys, check my res tonight and noticed some white foam/bubbles around the edge. Yesterday was the first day I used General Organics-CaMg. wondering if this will cause an issue? I'm thinking about changing my res tomorrow and ditching the CaMg. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks guys...
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    Matt's Soil Grow - Lemon Skunk - Trainwreck - Pink Plant

    Hi guys :Namaste:, back at it again with some nice genetics and an equipment upgrade. I decided to get some feminized seeds this time around. I now have: 1 GHS Lemon Skunk, 1 GHS Trainwreck, 1 GHS The Church, 1 GHS Super Lemon Haze, 1 Seedsman White Widow, 1 Eva Monster and 1 Eva Pink...
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    Wondering what the issue could be

    after doing a little research, I'm thinking that the plant could be suffering from nitrogen deficiency. so far its only on this one tip. noticed it this morning at lights on. I didn't see it last night before lights out. any comments would be appreciated. :thankyou:
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    Budding Academy

    has anybody heard of or had experience with this organization?
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    MattyTrips - DWC - Blue Cheese - 12/12 from Seed - CFL Grow

    What strain is it? - Blue Cheese bag seed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - hybrid(25%Sativa 75%Indica) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? - Flower from seed If in Flower stage... For how long? - 26 days Indoor or outdoor? - Indoor Soil or Hydro? - Hydro, DWC Growing in...
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    Mother Plant A & B

    wondering if anybody has tried this product combo yet? guy at the hydro store suggested it. wondering if we have any feedback here thanks :peace: :Hookah:
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    Greetings from New England

    High :420: , a little late to introduce myself but here we go. I'm Matt. I came to this site for some info and tips on growing some medical cannabis for myself and my aunt. I'm so glad I found this place...its great!!~!!! My first journal was a bust, as I went 3 for 3 with males but I'm looking...
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    Has anyone had any luck with the 600w grow light from htg supply

    Like the title states...Wondering if anyone had used or is using the Digital Greenhouse 600w HPS grow light from htgsupply.com. I want a hid for my new closet project...if you have any other reccomendations Id really appreciate it.. :thankyou:
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    MattyTrips's Poorman Soil Mystery Grow 2011

    What's up guys? Glad to be part of this great community. I've been doing lots of reading here and I'm finally excited to get my first journal and grow going, so here we go... :thumb: Space: 3x3 Closet Container: Started the seedlings in 20oz solo cups gonna transplant to some 2 gal in the...
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