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    Auto White Widow In 900L Soil

    If this is appearing in the wrong place please advise how to move it [emoji16] Hey guys and ladies bring and share your info Auto White widows from Dutch passion (14) [emoji7] So I have been here once before but due to problems my end I had to pull on my blackberry kush grow. However things...
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    Auto topping help - 24 days old

    Hey guys and ladies. Got 8 blackberry kush auto from Dutch passion. Ladies are now 24days old. I am a first time grower but have a epic set up compared to most grows I go and see. The question is to top or not to top and if I top where and when. Does it improve yield ? Are they...
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    My First Grow Journal - Blackberry Kush Auto - Blueberry Auto

    This is my first grow journal. Unfortunately we have missed the first 2 weeks. These seeds met the ground on the 17th August currently sitting at 15days old
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    Does this sound right? Advice fellas

    Gooood morning my fellow brothers. So where do I start. I never intentionally set out to grow cannabis but however fact of the matter I do now. Information is everywhere but I'd rather hear of a current grower etc. So my set up. Currently using tent green cube 2.4x1.2 currently devised in...
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