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  1. DogOn

    My buds are going into veg state: Why?

    Hi Folks, As the title says..... My buds are regressing into Veg mode or at least they are growing groth leafs..... My light Cycle is 12/12, I have set a time lapse video to see if my lights were acting up on me with turning on without me knowing, and no... They are 100% respecting the 12/12...
  2. DogOn

    My Buds are growing new leafs WTF?

    Hi Guys, There is something really wrong going on. My Buds are regrowing leafs as if there was light leakage....(That I have not discovered). I have tried to see if there is a problem with the lights schedules, everything is as it should be (12 /12 hrs cycles) . Why would they be growing huge...
  3. DogOn

    Partially Harvesting A Plant

    Hi Folks, I am Partially Harvesting a Plant and then giving it more time for the pop corn buds to mature and develop, they seem sort of 2 more weeks before being ready.... Is there a possibility that If I go into a high nute feeding , could they become medium buds? Thanks
  4. DogOn

    Temperature control during curation

    I currently curing my stuff the first 5-10 days where I dont have a temperature control system and the tempereatures range from 50-75 F , Does the quality of the curing or the smoke is affected by this?
  5. DogOn

    Ok, I have done my Cannabis Oil: How do I vape it?

    Hi folks, Ok, I did my Cannabis oil with my Magical Butter Machine and I couldnt refill my regular e cigg cartidges..... What brand uses refillable cartridges and would be tough enough to handle home made Oils?
  6. DogOn

    Cannabis Oil using the Magic Butter machine

    I just did my first 60 grams of cannabis into oil with my MBM2 . I got about 6ml or about a small syringe out of oil.....but it looks still green and leaves like a dusty residue as if micro particles of weed dust are still on it..... I wonder if that is because I used a bit of blending machine...
  7. DogOn

    Mold during Curing......

    Hi Folks, I was on day 5 of curing and had to leave town for a few days while I was curing my buds.... I have never had issues, except today when I came at day 10 one of the cured plants hanging developed mold..... How can I safely remove it? Can I wash the buds ? Any ideas? Thanks
  8. DogOn

    When is it too long, just too long

    This happens to me very frequently.... I buy my seeds from different sources including the sponsors here, I use the RO water cup method of soaking my seeds no more than 24hrs and then the paper towel method... I always get little sprouts or at least the shell cracked by the end of the 24 hrs...
  9. DogOn

    Why isn't there a 360 degree lighting system?

    Hi Guys, Seems to me there is a limitation on our light system penetration in our plants..... Why isnt there on the market a "surround" lighting system that can help the plant have consistent bud sizes everywhere? Has anyone here experimented with lateral lighting positions to achieve this...
  10. DogOn

    Wine cellar as a storage unit for weed

    I live in AZ and the room temperatures here are crazy hot and very irregular when I turn my AC.... I am on my second grow and I have a few OZ to store after curing them. I bought a wine cellar unit from Amazon, I put my harvest after curing it with a Moisture package and set the temperature of...
  11. DogOn

    Clippings: Do they need curing?

    I have about 2 OZ of clippings of Sugar Leafs and pop corn buds....do they also need to go through the whole curing process?
  12. DogOn

    A bit confused by the timing

    Hi Folks, I am a bit confused on the timing to start my plants go into the flowering stage..... If my strain says Utopia Haze with a Harvest theoretical day of 75 Days, when should I start going into the flowering stage? I personally have kept in veg mode some Acid Dough strains way past...
  13. DogOn

    Is this a girl, a boy or both?

    Hi folks, I have a couple of California Skunks on my grow now.... These are tall lanky plants that came on a "regular" set of seeds, (they are not necessarily feminized). The oldest one is the one in the pictures, It has 2 weeks since changed to 12/12 photoperiods. These are the pics of...
  14. DogOn

    Lighting for newly rooted transplanted clones

    Hi Guys, Whats the Lighting for newly rooted transplanted clones ? Can I stick em directly into my grow lights at 18-24 inches of distance? Or should they stay a week or so under CFLs until they adapt?
  15. DogOn

    Signs of too much lighting

    I just changed my AF out of the grow tents with Photoperiods, Since my other tent is not lighted perfectly, I have on a 36X48X90 Tent Two VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR450 450W LED Grow Lights and I added a 3rd one of 300W almost exclusively for the AF..... I went a few minutes ago to check on...
  16. DogOn

    Male or Female? Is it to early to know?

    My Cali Skunk Regular seed is about 3-4 weeks after germination...... I am watching it very closely as it was labeled Regular seed and not feminized. I cant really tell its sex yet cause I am a 1st time grower and I lack experience..... Can you tell from these pictures?
  17. DogOn

    Is this leaf burn or some other or a mix of deficiencies?

    Hi guys, Today some of my leafs on my tallest plant are presenting some weird brown spots on the middle leafs, not even the tallest....Its a Bloody Skunk AF on ending week 5.... Is this Leaf burn (slight curling to the top) , I positioned my 1000W LED light a bit taller, about 18 inches from...
  18. DogOn

    Germination times and patience

    Hi folks, I just bought some AF seeds from a sponsor of this forum, I dunked them 18 hrs in bottled water as usual and I had the 5 of them sprouting beautifully .... I favor the paper towel method to achieve 1/2 inch rootlings and proceed to plant them.... Its been 4 days and the rootlings...
  19. DogOn

    Can auto flowers share space with non autos?

    I have 2 auto flowers with 5 weeks of age, they have been on a 18/6 schedule since germination. I recently installed an mini split unit just for my flowers since they were a bit stunted from the heat before the ac.... Now that I installed a dedicated AC, I find I need to bring more plants into...
  20. DogOn

    Connecting Two Grow Tents In Series

    Hi Guys, I have both a 96X48 tent and a 24X24 one..... I am in the middle of a grow and I would like to start another one as I bought a AC Unit that is expensive to run for only 2-3 plants in my 24x24. I also have a CO2 injection system that is a waste if I cant use it on both setups, My AC...
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