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  1. Vapedogg223

    Vapedogg223 Goes True High Brix with Doc Bud's Kit!

    Hey 420 Magazine! I’m back for another grow…and as usual, several events have delayed me getting started! So I’m just going to get this going right now, and worry about a lot of the details along the way! :439: If you followed my last journal, the room is the same...but that's about where the...
  2. Vapedogg223

    Vapedogg223's Got a Brand New Bag! All Organic - High Brix -Nirvana Ice- 49 Plant SOG

    Well...here goes nothing 420 Magazine! This is going to be my first journal, and I'm going to be completely out of my element, and might need some guidance along the way! While I'm nervous about a few things, getting assistance from my brothers and sisters here is not one of them! :) I'd like...
  3. Vapedogg223

    Hello, from a new grower in the Northeast!

    Hello everyone! I don't usually post on forums, but after months of reading I think you really have something special here, and I would like to be a part of it. I started smoking for recreational purposes, and again a couple of years ago after a decade long hiatus, but now I find myself...
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