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  1. LordCaliban

    Tiger Bloom for Auto in Soil - First time

    Hey everyone, my current grow is an autoflower in soil (FF Ocean Floor) under LED in a tent. This is my 2nd grow and first auto, trying to keep it as simple as possible. Haven't used any nutes yet but I just ordered some Tiger Bloom. She's in week 6 or 7 now, pistils started showing and I...
  2. LordCaliban

    LordCaliban's 2nd Grow - Simple LED - Indoor Attic - Auto Anesthesia - 2016

    Heya Community, long time no post! I joined a few years ago and you all helped me through my first random bag seed CFL grow that went really well. I wanted to continue, but life kinda got in the way. Relatives moving in, had a baby, etc but now I'm back. Put a grow tent in my attic hoping to...
  3. LordCaliban

    Flushing with Smart Pots?!

    Hey all! I'm hoping my lady here will kickstart herself into the final phase of flowering, and incase she starts to show it's getting near harvest time I want to be able to give her a good flush properly. She's in a closet right now, I'd say at least 3.5 feet tall but probably a hair bigger...
  4. LordCaliban

    Thoughts on 48x3w - TopLEDGrowLight.com

    48x3w [T48x3w] - $144.40 : TOPLEDGROWLIGH, Solutions Limited,LED GROWLIGHT,LED BULB,LED TUBE,grow lights,t5 grow light,hps grow light,fluorescent grow light,grow light bulb,grow light bulbs,marijuana grow light,growing light,cfl grow light,indoor gro Was browsing through the sponsor sights...
  5. LordCaliban

    Recycling soil from last grow?

    Hey guys, I had tried growing from 3 bag seeds and currently I had 1 male, 1 hermie, and still one female left over. I've been using FoxFarms Ocean Floor soil in 5 gallon SmartPots. With the 2 plants that have been destroyed, can I shake free the soil from those two pots to reuse again if I...
  6. LordCaliban

    1st Grow - Sex Confirmation?

    Hey all, I'm on Day 12 of a 12/12 flowering cycle and it looks like I'm showing sex now. Two plants are showing what I believe are the hairs coming out of the pistils (first pic) and the other is growing grape balls (2nd pic). Just wanted some extra confirmation so I can destroy the male...
  7. LordCaliban

    FoxFarms Big Bloom or Grow Big?!?!

    Hey guys, I'm in 7th day of my 12/12 cycle right now (Journal in Sig). It's random bag seed (appears very Indica dominate), growing in 5 gallon smartpots with FoxFarms Ocean Floor. This is a very limited budget grow, but I'm not about to just rush off and get some miracle grow. I want to get...
  8. LordCaliban

    LordCaliban's 1st Bag Seed Indoor Grow!

    Hey guys, I've been reading the forums like crazy for a few days now and thought I'd start my own journal. This is my first ever grow, and it really wasn't suppose to be a full blown grow but reading more and more thought I'd take a shot at it. So basically my wife and I hadn't smoked a couple...
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