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  1. Sphnx

    How To Take Clones

    Step by step guide to taking clones. 1. Fill up a bucket with fresh water. Put a few drops of veg nutrients, I also use a few drops of liquid karma and roots excellerator (50-75 ppm) and pH balance to 5.6. 2. Put Rockwool cubes in. If possible, throw and air stone in there to keep...
  2. Sphnx

    Sphnx's Norcal Outdoor Season

    Strains: (5) Jedi Northern Lights x Triple OG (1) Blue Dream x Triple OG Started from seed indoors. Transplanted outdoors May 19th. Soil: Worm castings, sea bird guano, carnivorous bat guano, fruit bat guano, composted chicken and cow manure, alfalfa compost, perlite, coco coir, fruit...
  3. Sphnx

    Sphnx's - Multi-Strain - 6000W - Lab Adventure - 2015

    Hello 420 friends and family, I'm back and all set up :) Lots of hours setting all of this back up and getting everything ready, but it was all worth it. The mother plants are doing great, I have 3 Super Lemon Haze, 1 XJ-13, 1 Blue Dream, 1 RasHOG. The clone domes are very full and looking...
  4. Sphnx

    Sphnx's Attempt At 8 Pounds From 6000 Watts

    What strain is it? Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, XJ-13, Blue Cheese Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid, Sativa, Sativa, Indica Dominate Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 5 weeks for BD, SD, and XJ... 7 months on the Blue Cheese? Mother plant :) All...
  5. Sphnx

    Seen a 3 lipid seed before?

    This seedling's genetics are Grape Ape x Lemon Stomper. Incredible hybrid stone. She's like a 3 leaf clover, I personally have never seen this deformity before... Have you?
  6. Sphnx

    Purple Kush Questions

    Hey everybody! Does anybody know how much Purple Kush stretches? I know it's an Indica, but they seem to be getting taller than I thought in veg... So that makes me curious for flower. If anybody has any info it would be greatly appreciated! Much love and respect! Sphnx
  7. Sphnx

    HPS vs LED Your Thoughts!

    Does anyone use HPS anymore? Everybody has switched to LED's ... Going through the grow journals I have only seen a few people using hps
  8. Sphnx

    Sphnx 3 Strain Grow 6000W Lab Veg to Flower

    I have 3 strains vegging right now for this up and coming round after everything finishes in the big room. This log takes place in my Veg room. They still have about a month of veg left so this one is going to be a huge round. Strains: Afgoo Purple Kush Afghan Kush Starting nutrients: Heavy...
  9. Sphnx

    Sphnx Back With A Vengeance!

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long time! I'm back and I'm growing. Right now have the following strains in the beginning of week 3 of flower: XJ-13 GC Blue Dream Fortune Cookie Spoetnik #1 Blue Cheese Lighting: 6-1000w aircooled lights Water: Reverse Osmosis 3- 55 gallon barrels...
  10. Sphnx

    New to 420

    Hey guys, the names Sphnx. I'm new to the site but not my first grow 420 Magazine ® Got LA Confidential, "Dream Queen" and Blue Dream. Check it out! I would love the feed back. I live in Southern California, I smoke oil for my pain mainly and grow just for the sole purposes of making very...
  11. Sphnx

    New to 420 - Grow Log!

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I have: 1 LA Con - veg'd 2 months 1 Dream Queen - veg'd 1 month 3 Blue Dreams - veg'd 3 weeks Grow tent with: 1 HPS 250w 4 CFL 68w (300 equivalent) Started flowering 2 days ago. I'm in the process of constructing a screen to complete my scrog setup. Pictures will...
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