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  1. quiyettoker

    Growbox questions 3.5 x 1.8 x 1.4

    Peace and love yall!! Well I have been for the past week ( Last week actually) looking tremendously for a grow box. I have currently 6 plants growing outside on the patio. So, I actually was going to build a growbox at first from scratch but while searching for "Ones trash is another's treasure"...
  2. quiyettoker

    Best Vape Pen under $100?

    I've been looking into purchasing a vape pen under $100 but there are so many out there to choose from. Names like Pax 2, Grasshopper, Arizer Air, Wispr 2, Vapir 2.0, Vape xhale cloud Evo, SSV, iVapor, I have come across. I'm looking for one that has herb,wax for now, oil maybe later. So what do...
  3. quiyettoker

    How do you power a bathroom vanity mirror fixture?

    I bought a 3 light vanity bathroom mirror fixture from a habitat for humanity restore, I want to put three cfl's in them but how do i power it so that i can plug it in to an outlet? Do I need to get a ballast?
  4. quiyettoker

    Ok Co2 question?

    Ok , Im trying to to get ready for a dwc grow. I went to this website Turbo CO2 Bio System - up to 40 gallons And I was wondering if this would be good enough to add to the grow or should i instead use the ones that are mentioned already to use?:ganjamon:
  5. quiyettoker

    Ok got a question!

    Ok , U know in some stores they sell that 3 pack of leds for your closet or whatever, My question is can u use some of those or is it just crap?
  6. quiyettoker

    Outdoor grow late?

    Is it too late to grow? I just planted some seeds but its July, so can I still get bud this year, at least growing?
  7. quiyettoker

    Lookin for a doc in Delaware

    Yes, I know there is atleast one in this state!! I hope!!!
  8. quiyettoker

    Im back as just a smoker not a grower

    Well, in June this year I was busted for growin bud in the state I live in. They got me with 93 plants totaling 31.9 pounds. I was takin to jail on June 25, 2008 till October 27, 2008. I was released with probation for a total of 18 months which will end in October 2009. I am currently on house...
  9. quiyettoker

    Cloning indoor with natural light?

    I was wondering if I could clone indoor using natural light from my window, I have cfl's to clone with but I was just wondering if any 1 has done this b4.
  10. quiyettoker

    Can any1 point out males?

    I was wondering if any 1 could point out males during a grow before you flower them? do males grow faster first? I know when flowering they are the first to show but is there another way besides either taking cuttings then flowering them to see if they are male,yall get what i'm saying right??
  11. quiyettoker

    cfl's questions?

    1. what spectrum does a cfl light that is 26wts=100wts, 1800 lumens but is says general purpose,so is it blue, or red or orange?? 2. i also have a 2 40wt bulbs what spectrum does this bulb have blue, red or orange ? 3. can i use them for cloning?? 4. how can i clone in dirt?( i have not...
  12. quiyettoker

    can i flower early and how?

    yo, i was wonderin how can i flower early because the plants are growin over 5 feet tall. first i need to top off but how can i make it bushy and ready to flower soon( its growin rapidly)im using 10-50-10 will this help me flower more quicker or what should i use instead??
  13. quiyettoker

    What is the big yeilding strain?

    I'm asking this because most of the strains i've grown have had the small buds, I just ordered for NL X BIG BUD. can anyone suggest a big producer/potent strain of mj.
  14. quiyettoker

    rubber paint

    I saw in a mj book that I should cover my white buckets with black rubber paint, Has any 1 seen or used this type of paint??
  15. quiyettoker


    if anyone knows, i've been searching and searching for more info on this subject. Does any 1 have detailed instruction how to do this,hook a brotha up man
  16. quiyettoker

    mistakes I've made,for all growers!

    I grew with homemade hydro bubbler and I made the mistake of not covering the 5gal buckets with black rubber paint but it made it to flowering even tho the roots were filled with alge that stunted growth and yield, so next time I will paint the buckets with black rubber paint b4 i start hydro in...
  17. quiyettoker

    transplanting question?

    I was wondering if there is a way to limit shock while transplanting? if so how to do it?
  18. quiyettoker

    germination to flowering?

    Hey, i jus wanted to know if i put a germinating plant in the flower room with my 1000wt hps, how long would it take to bud if it was a female? by the way i changed the light to veg at 18/6 so it can increase the size of them, there are 9 plants.
  19. quiyettoker

    homemade hydro bubbler cloner

    has anyone made a hydro bubbler cloner?? hook a bro up'per.:rasta: 'LETS GET HIGH".
  20. quiyettoker

    question about nutes

    do I really need nutes? I have grown from seed to buds without nutes.:rasta: "hey, hey, hey, somke weed everyday", Dave Chappelle
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