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  1. keith1975

    Good paint to use to paint my curing jars?

    Light is bad for the jars, so I figured why not just paint it? Is there any specific paint that I need to check for, or would any black paint do the job? Or is there some other flaw with my plan?
  2. keith1975

    Keith's 2nd Grow With Mites, Various Autos, March 2019

    My first grow is finished and it went okay. Some of the buds that have been curing for over a month are very decent. But my biggest issue was and still is, spider mites. I was going to first clean out my grow room before attempting any more growing, but I've decided to proceed with the setup I...
  3. keith1975

    Cheap way to auto open & close jars?

    It would be amazing if i could put all my jars in a tray, and every day at a specific time, something opens the jars, and then closes them 30 mins later. Or maybe a machine that holds bud in compartments, and then every 30 mins those compartments open. Or even an adapter for a jar that does...
  4. keith1975

    Mars Hydro II 1600 Watt yields?

    I have 4 of these lights, but it feels like Im not quite getting the expected yields. Im doing 1 plant per light, with a bit of LSTing. But I only get about 150 to 200 grams per plant per harvest. Im thinking I could actually stick 4 plants under a light. It will be cramped, but I should get...
  5. keith1975

    DIY seed bank?

    I’ve got quite a few seeds i’ve collected over the year. I want to store them somewhere safely where I can also label them. Is there something out there designed for this? Or an easy way to build something that can comfortably store 50 - 200 seeds?
  6. keith1975

    A few questions on making hash

    Im going to attempt to make hash tomorrow. Im using trim and a few buds that are too small to smoke. A couple of questions: 1. I harvested the plants 5 days ago and pit the trim on thr freezer. Thats fine right or can i use it just like that? (Im using bubble bags and will be adding 15kgs of...
  7. keith1975

    Can I smoke my THC pills?

    I made thc pills with coconut oil etc. I now bought a vape. I want to open the pills, and pour the liquid oil into my vape. Will this work or does vape liquid need something special for it to work as vape liquid?
  8. keith1975

    How many Phytoseiulus Persimilis, predatory mites, should I throw on my plants?

    I've had a terrible time with mites and this is the next thing in line for me to try and get the populations down or maybe even eradicate them. It's quite expensive, about 35 USD for 2000 mites, but apparently they will destroy the spider mites. Unfortunately, I have to use them as I get them...
  9. keith1975

    Mites while drying

    I mentioned this in another thread, but because i could only find one other post from 2007 that addresses this, i figured it deserves its own thread. The problem is simple. I had mites, but i got them under control. Then i harvested and budwashed. All looks fine until i check 24 hours later and...
  10. keith1975

    Should I bother to harvest this plant?

    I planted 4 autos, 2 of cheese, 2 sour diesel haze. 3 of the 4 produced awesome bug buds. But the one cheese is basically just popcorn buds, top to bottom. Only learnt today that i should have pruned lower stems etc. too late now, because these trichomes are cloudy and some amber. So i think...
  11. keith1975

    Is there a material that can stop mites and other small insects?

    I have a mite problem that i think might be with me forever. When i harvest, i move the buds to another room, but alas, there are mites in this room too. So i see mites on my curing buds. Which i budwashed. So now im thinking i might as well leave the buds to dry and cure in the grow room. But...
  12. keith1975

    Should I chop off the lower buds?

    I read this: Has any one tried a partial harvest ? I have a ton of buds at the bottom that I never chopped off. So the plants that are about to harvest, not much I can do about them. So I'm going to leave the fluff and see if they are worth anything afterwards. But I also have 3 photperiod...
  13. keith1975

    Moving between grow room and dry room?

    For various reasons, it's going to be better to rather dry and cure buds in a different room. The rooms are far apart, and will mean people can see me move between the two rooms. I want to harvest, then move everything to the other room where I will be bud washing and then hanging up to dry etc...
  14. keith1975

    There’s something growing on my soil

    Started two days ago. Thought it was just lighting that made it somehow appear green, but after taking out a soil sample, i can now see that it looks like there is some fungus growing on the soil: What do i do?
  15. keith1975

    Is it time to harvest?

    I've overcome lots of scary moments, thanks to these forums. Thanks guys! My mite problem is history, my climate is sorted, the ladies are budding. Life is good. After about 5 months of struggling, with the first month being a total disaster, it's starting to look like I might be able to harvest...
  16. keith1975

    Planning ahead if I'm going to be gone for 10 days

    I just checked and its exactly 100 days until i need to leave for 10 days. 4 autoflowers were just planted and another photoperiod strain is germinating. Im going to leave just as the autoflowers start flowering or possibly as it is supposed to get harvested. I dont want to not grow for the next...
  17. keith1975

    The best aircon/dehumidifier for my grow room?

    I bought this GMC Aircon - 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Heating & Cooling This managed to decrease the humidity a bit, but also raised the temperature significantly. It might not be the right "type" of dehumidifier I need. In fact, I need an aircon/dehumidifier combo. Something that...
  18. keith1975

    Best companion plant that fights spider mites?

    I heard dill is a good option. But: 1. Is dill the best option? 2. How much would you need to grow before it becomes beneficial? 3. Is there not perhaps a sort of a “dill spray” that can be used instead? Also, if the companion can also fight white flies, that would be great.
  19. keith1975

    Correct placement of a filter?

    I am starting to think my filter isn't connected correctly. Please see below and let me know which is the right way: Blue = Filter Orange = Extracot Fan Red = Duct I currently have my setup as A. But I'm thinking B or C might be better. In A, the filter (blue) is inside the tent, and a duct...
  20. keith1975

    Spider mites 2 weeks from harvest

    I literally just saw it now. I noticed the buds looked great, but smelled a bit off. Some were great, but not this one specific plant. I'll send pics in a bit, but with two weeks from harvest, break it to me easy: 1. Can I salvage this plant or is it time to chuck it? 2. I've got an insecticide...
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