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    Stretch Estimate?

    Im doing my first dwc trial run with a clone that started 12/12 as soon as it had a couple roots hit water. I've been pleasently suprised by the big growth, but im a little woried about runing out of room. The plant is in day 16 of 12/12 and the preflowers look about how my previous soil...
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    The one to the left has a faded color and a little dry/thin fealing. Almost like it was made by a printer almost out of ink. I think this is from underfeeding. Or could it be somthing else? When I've seen this before it was on a hungry plant.
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    DWC netpot medium

    Im wanting to try dwc soon, and I was going to use promix bx for the medium in the netpot. Ive been looking around and haven't seen where anyone else does this. Is it just a bad idea? Or just uncommon. I would prefer to use it becouse it's what I got. It would be a simple dwc with a 6"...
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    Choosing a chip

    Im trieng to upgrade a blurple cob that was burning out. Im hoping for some input on options for the two drivers it has. I checked with a multimeter and it read .7amps and voltage changed between 35-40. Im quite the noob on this so that could be wrong. The driver says 200-300 watts but if I...
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    Spare Driver

    I Have this spare driver and want to add more light.
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    OSSC White Critical

    Just getting started with the first journal.
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