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    Sensi seeds - Auto white haze

    Hi, Bought 3 seeds from sensi seeds, all sprouted. They were grown together with other strain, details on the signature. Being autos the wield was not great, about 12 grams / 0.4 ounces per plant. Very pleasant smell while growing/green, smell faded greatly after drying but there's...
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    Sensi seeds - Skunk #1

    Hey, I bought 3 seeds and grew them indoors, 1 didn't sprout, journal in the signature... This was my first time growing and I must say I'm very pleased with the results. I'd say it was a good wield, about 60 grams / 2.11644 ounces from 2 plants, for the lights I had I think it's ok...
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    Theoroij's Indoor Soil Mixed Strains Grow Journal

    Hi everyone! This is my first grow and I'm very excited! What strain is it? - 2x skunk#1, 3x white haze automatic, all feminized. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - skunk#1 35% sativa / 65% indica, white haze 50%/50% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? skunk in veg, white haze...
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    Hello, new here, new to growing, timelapse

    Hi everyone, I thought of growing because I wanted to have my own supply and as a hobby (i love plants). It's my first grow so I'm wondering if my plants are growing properly, 2 x skunk#1 from seed. My gear: PVC tube grow box, height 175CM, width 150CM, depth 75CM. 3x 36W fluora tube...
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